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[Discussion] Would a guaranteed rental trade work?

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Just now, VegasCanuck said:

However, I really don't think that the management wants them to finish their careers anywhere but in Vancouver. This would just be about "loaning them out" for a chance to get their names on the cup.


I think you'd have trouble getting most of those guys to waive their NTC/NMC's to come this way as well.


Loaning wouldn't work and it really doesn't make sense for canucks or the sedins. There would be zero incentive for them to come back to Vancouver for a final year.  If we don't want them to finish their careers outside of Vancouver then we don't trade them. 

There's two scenarios and neither of them involve them coming back to Vancouver


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 if canucks did trade sedins and retained 50% salary  teams like isles, hawks, florida, habs, would be all over it  we could  get 2 first rounders and 2 decent prospects. tanev, hansen, sbisa miller could   be shipped out  as well  for max value 


next yr 

      rodin horvat boeser

      virtanen sutter eriksson

    baerchi  granny  burrows  

   labate gaunce  


 edler stecher

 hutton guddy

 juolevi        tryamkin 






wed have a ton of cap 

burr at 1 mil a yr 1 yr 


this doesnt include any assets we gain in trades   this team doesnt look that bad with all these other assets coming to help our rebuild 

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I think people are over-valuing the Sedins in these trade situations.


1) Teams aren't going to be giving multiple years worth of picks and prospects for one shot at the cup on two players that are having one of their slowest years to date.


2) They'd be taking on two players with NMCs during an expansion draft year. 


If the roles were reversed, would we want Benning to take on two players who will put up less than a point a game in exchange for multiple 1st round picks and players like Demko/Juo/Boeser? For one cup run?


This board would have Benning's head. 

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10 hours ago, VegasCanuck said:

Its borderline, but is there anything in the CBA that specifically says that players can't be traded back to the originating team within X period of time?


I've done a rudimentary scan of some of the rules around trades in past, but haven't looked that closely. Players get moved for really weird returns these days in cap balancing.


The league would look at it really skeptically, but unless there is a specific, written agreement, could they really deny a trade?


i cannot answer this properly

as i do not want to review all the required documents

but i am pretty confident about this anyway

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20 hours ago, brownky said:

We also did this in the past with Geoff Sanderson w/ Columbus. Canucks acquired him (Sanderson) at the trade deadline and then waived him back so Columbus could pick him up in the off season.



This, good memory! I was going to bring up this point. 

I don't see us doing this with the Sedins, but Hansen could very well be a prime example of someone who could be dealt for say a 3rd and returned back to the Canucks. Conditionals added on both side to make sure they keep their word. 

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