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[PGT] Canucks @ Stars

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2 minutes ago, Salmonberries said:


Edler was pretty good, I thought. Popular whipping boy here as ever though.

One of his plays definitely stood out for me. Yes, he broke his stick again, but he busted his ass hard on the backcheck and stopped Dallas from having a 2 on 1 against Stecher. Garrett credited Stecher with the break up, but it was Edler who cut the middle of the ice off and forced whats his name to try a low percentage play against Stecher. Result = turnover.

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Edler night again on CDC 

Funny though but we lose every Edler night and sometimes we lose on Sedin nights too. LOL

I need some of what Burrows found to pick up the pace - sure doesn't look like the Burrows of yesteryear. Even Megna looked good on the Killer B line

Entertained? yes

Avalanche here we come

Go Canucks 


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2 minutes ago, LaBamba said:

Honestly if your not spazzing about making the playoffs and are a big picture kinda guy. This game is encouraging. I'm absolutely shocked at this surprise depth we have emerging. They played a really good road game. 

I thought tonight was a pretty solid game. Stecher and Horvat continue to impress me as usual, however, our depth players are playing pretty damn solid starting with Tryamkin, Megna, Skille, hell even Burrows. 


Considering where this team is at right now, losses like these are definitely good in my books. As long as we work hard, roll 4 lines, and our depth players are involved. This is the type of losses you want when in a rebuild. 

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17 minutes ago, luckylager said:

I just don't get why Edler insists on using stale baguettes for hockey sticks.


It just doesn't make any sense


Yeah, I was at this point awhile ago, then again tonight.

It would be one thing if he was a dman that scores a bunch of goals.


The breakaways and 2 on 0s, he has caused isn't worth an extra mile an hour on his shot.

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