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Just now, LaBamba said:


Also like scratching my groin area then smelling my fingers after. Then shaking someone's hand thinking the entire time "you just touched my wee-wee heheh. 

kinda like goin 4x4ing with ur buds and every one takes a leak at once ,then someone lits up a spliff :o

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9 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:

You're the manliest man ever, LB. I bet you also enjoy riverboat gambling and hunting moose with nothing more than a little butterfly knife.


I like the sound of dropping warm oil into a pail during an oil change. 


I also like squeezing babies arms. 

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  • The first cold beer after a long day
  • Bed sheets fresh out of the dryer
  • Staying up late gaming with the next day off
  • Long Weekends
  • Wing night
  • Head bonks from my cat
  • Finding money in my wallet that I forgot about
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- women who smell really good:bigblush::ph34r:

-Being in the sun

-driving with the windows down

-splitting huge rounds, chopping, a perfect neat stack


-glassy waves

-getting a bit scared


-my kids laughing

-getting out of a jam

-helping someone, especially a stranger

-the woods

-the beach

-swimming in a river 

-cooking for people


camp fires

-Tending my lawn then surveying the estate in bare feet with a beer

-street hockey

-going home

-doing it my way


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Sometimes I like to wake up at 5am and do whatever around my apartment.  Other Sundays, if I am in Vancouver, I will stop by the Starbucks on the corner and then go do whatever, either go to English Bay or walk the Seawall, and get a bite to eat. Seattle - go to the same Starbucks and then errands such as grocery shopping and Target.

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"Head bonks from my cat "      ++


Rain on a tin roof

The sound of a built up 289 hitting 5,400 rpm shift/chirp point

opening up a brand new lp

That sound that a blue heron makes when you startle it- and it scares the crap out of you because you didn't see it in the dark.

The smile on a lady's face, and that split second when I think she could be the one.

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  • 1 month later...

More things that have recently brightened my days:

-snuggles from my kitties

-The musical group JVG

-Teaching myself Finnish

-Being able to go to so many hockey games this season (will attend 6-8 by season's end between NHL and AHL)

-Getting letters and treats in the mail from my favorite high school teacher

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