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[GDT] Minnesota Wild vs. Vancouver Canucks | November 29th | The Wild, Wild Western Conference Edition


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The new Sheriff, courtesy of @AlwaysACanuckFan:



Alright, alright, let's go boys! Time for a another showdown between bitter Western Conference rivals :lol: As usual I'm predicting a Canucks win! Let's say 2-1, with Canucks goals by Bo and Sutter and the lone Wild goal by Eric Staal.

This game is also special because it comes with a double feature...









May the better brother win!


Note: I honestly just made stuff up as far as our D pairs go. I'll try my best to continue updating the OP as more info becomes available.
Go, Canucks, Go!:towel:


ETA: New D pairs. Biega's on his way back from Utica.


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.12.09 PM.png

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18 minutes ago, Blue_Jays_Canucks said:

I'll be going with my girlfriend (who is PISSED I spent money on tix) so uhh let's win this one boys! ...pleease

But, but, the couple that Canucks together stays together :(


Why's she mad you're taking her to a Canucks game? Sounds to me like you're a great catch!

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