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Is Baertschi a product of Bo Horvat?

Mathew Barzal

Is Bae  

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The more I watch this season the stronger my feelings regarding this matter become.


Baertschi had been penciled into our top six alongside Horvat before the season even began. I was fine with that, they were almost unstoppable as a duo to end the year last year. But thinking about it, no-names like Kenins, Megna and even the beaten, broken down, aged Burrows miraculously find their scoring touch on Bo's wing.


The kid hasn't skipped a beat with 'lesser' talents cycled on his wing in Baertschi's absence.


And really, has Baertschi looked much better than any of them alongside Bo? I don't think so. Any and everyone has looked good with Bo creating and drawing multiple defenders to himself.


I think my point in creating this thread is that sooner or later the Canucks are going to find themselves with legitimate top line winger talent for Horvat in the post-Sedin era. Winger's who aren't just complimentary and instead of having their game elevated by Bo, will be able to elevate his game as well. When that day comes, I think Baertschi finds himself losing that left wing spot and having to try and produce with one of our other three centers. And I don't think he'll be able to.


Do you view Baertschi as a legitimate top six NHL talent? With Bo out of the picture?

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Baertschi is developing slower than Bo... mainly a confidence thing.


But his overall play is better with Bo, and Bo is better with him on the line.


He has more potential than Burrows, or Megna or several others.


Is he the ultimate winger for Bo?  No... likely that will be Boeser.

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Somewhat, yes. But in the same way that Burr was a product of the twins. After playing with the twins for so long Burrows actually developed into something more than a run-of-the-mill bottom six forward, showing that he was capable of top six roles. The twins made Burrows a better player permanently. I believe Bo has the same ability and we might be seeing it with Baertschi.

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23 minutes ago, wallstreetamigo said:


The only passing on that line will be Kane's track suit being passed from Boeser to Horvat to the shower.

Well played. Really have a tough time understanding why people would want Kane. Absolute cancer. He was an a$$hole when he was playing for the Giants and living in the community and he still hasn't grown up. 

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I think he benefits more than he helps Horvat, so i have to agree with you. Kinda.
Not a "product" but clearly elevates the play of Baer, who has some moves, wheels, and finess to be a deadly 3rd liner, on a line with Granlund and Hansen, and provides secondary ++ scoring. 

From his recent plays and having his confidence back, i would promote Eriksson on Bo's wing. 
a line of Eriksson Horvat Burrows could do some huge damages.

and please keep Skille in the lineup... he brings speed and physicality with some nice power moves here and there.

Sedin Sedin Sutter

Eriksson Horvat Burrows

Baertschi Granlund Hansen
Skille Gaunce Dorsett

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Yes and no. 


From all the goals and replays, it always look like Horvat drives the play which leads to the goal so yes.  


But looking back at Baertschi's whole career. It seems like he has some kind of talent to somehow generate points even though he is not visible on the ice. Kind of like Granlund, he is not that visible on the ice as well, but both players are tapping up points at a 0.50/game pace or what not. 

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maybe baertschi is riding bo's coat tail a little ,but bo is the kind of player that kicks it up a notch, playing with lesser talented players maybe what gives him his motivation?            he sees nobody else can or will do it so he takes it upon himself, and not in a selfish kesler way. i always had to wonder to my self back when burrows was with the twins 5 on 5 ,when there was a pp they'd put kesler on the pp with the twins? when all along burrows was the better player with them? burrows #s with the twins was always better than keslers were with the twins. but they all figured out how to play with one another ,so maybe baertschi will eventually learn how to be cohesive with other players as well.

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I like Baertschi a lot, but I don't think he's in the core of this team going forward. He's on a show-me contract, and hasn't shown much of anything this season. Maybe next season is different, but there's a tonne of guys who fizzles out after their 2nd contract around 25-26. He's a good fill in for now, but it seems guys like Granlund, and potentially Rodin will overtake him on the wing. 

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