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[POLL]Who's your favourite CURRENT Canuck?


Favourite CURRENT Canuck  

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Curious to see which one of these studs has Canucks fans rooting for this team the most?


I voted Stech. The guy has a cool confidence about him that is infectious. He has an innate knack to create something out of nothing and put himself and teammates in great positions. He's got the heart and the desire to win every shift and just doesn't quit. 


Obviously Bo could be first in this case though the deciding factor was Stechers elusiveness and shiftiness.  id love to seem Bo bring some of that into his game and change up his speed and direction as Troy does.







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6 hours ago, ajhockey said:

I honestly love so many of them. Bo, Hutton, Hansen, Burr, and the Twins are all right up there and for different reasons.

I feel the same... Too much love that needs to be thrown around hahah 


As of this minute though, I'll have to give it to Miller and Burrows 

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