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[GDT] Ducks VS Canucks @ Rogers Arena (7 p.m. PT)


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1 minute ago, luckylager said:

If the telecom companies actually want to stay relevant - instead of having illegal streams blocked, so we have to spend all of 30 seconds finding a new one. How about you arses grow with the times, drop your blackout crap and don't package a pile of crap I don't want in cable.


I will pay for hockey. Gladly. But not for your commercials.


Figure it out. You guys are so far behind the times, you'll never win. Charge a reasonable price for the channels I want and I won't "steal" games anymore. Pretty simple. Not paying $60 a month for 200 channels I don't watch, and my wife gets all her shows online, for free as well. 


If you live in BC just pay 25 for sportsnet now. I felt the same way but they said I would get all 82 games and they were right. So far.

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1 minute ago, LaBamba said:


I love Kesler. I'm loyal to players who sacrificed their heart and soul for this franchise. Booing him is a chicken $h!t move. The very act personifies Vancouver. 

False.  Hating current Canucks - that actually want to be here - personifies Vancouver.

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8 minutes ago, Davathor said:

The fan base turning on Kesler is still disappointing. The guy wanted to win now, and really he kind of made the right choice judging by our standings since he left. 


Then again the fans turned on Luongo, the best goalie in franchise history while still wearing a canucks jersey, so I guess nothing should surprise me.


I hope Kesler gets a hat trick but we win the game.


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13 minutes ago, khay said:

My game day player criticism: Gaunce. When he came in I thought he could potentially be a 3rd liner with 15 goal scoring capabilities. It's not going well so far. And what is troubling is that it doesn't look like he is one of those players that drives a line but more a passenger. A player that can play a supporting role alongside a good player but not good enough himself to drive a line. 


I hope Gaunce shows me wrong this game with a goal.


He is playing well this year.  Good on face-offs, hitting people, taking the puck away, and he has been able to set people up too.  He doesnt seem to be looking to score at all but he creates almost all the chances for his line.  He got some time with the third line let game.  He is earning more time IMO.  

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