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[GDT] Ducks VS Canucks @ Rogers Arena (7 p.m. PT)


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Just now, Heretic said:

Maybe it's time to cancel the satellite...I pay a lot of money for time shifting and Sportsnet - but for some reason SN360 is not included....


Might as well watch online instead...


I mean, what kind of idgit programs a meaningless NFL football game instead of a Hockey game in Canada?!?!??!?!?!!

Rogers efforts to make us pay for yet another SN channel to actually watch Canadian sports.  I have 4 SN channels in my package and they are all showing NFL football.  I went to a medium package with Telus satellite but honestly, it is mostly crap channels and the sports networks that pull this kind of $&!#.  WE are getting manipulated and screwed.

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16 minutes ago, appleboy said:

If you live in BC just pay 25 for sportsnet now. I felt the same way but they said I would get all 82 games and they were right. So far.

See, when I asked about that I was told you only get 56....or 58 games. So I told them to pound sand.


If what you say is true, I'd be happy to pay that. Guess I'll look again after the game, because I have an HD stream, for free on the internet, which I pay for...

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