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[GDT] Ducks VS Canucks @ Rogers Arena (7 p.m. PT)


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35 minutes ago, apollo said:

That look on Keslers face reminds me of the 2011 run... man oh man did he put it all on the line. 

I know many of us are still angry over how he departed... as many of us, my reasoning was that I felt he turned his back on us and handcuffed our team. In reality, yes he did turn his back on us but he just wanted to leave after a decade of service to this franchise and we got a great return in the trade which is to this day Jimbo's best move as GM. 

His first game back, I got tickets and boo'd my lungs out everytime he touched the puck. I genuinely had nothing but hate for him... but now I can say the hate has lessened and I just genuinely appreciate the years he played for us and can't think of too many players that personified a "Canuck" better than he. 

I'll still boo him against us, but the hate is not there anymore. I'm no longer bitter... the trade benefited us and I'm happy. When he is inducted to the ring of honour, I'll make sure to be there and show him the respect he deserves.  


This guy cared and for the better part of a decade, he was an incredible team mate. I miss him. 



That said, hope he's -3 and chokes tonight. 

I feel he deserves a little more respect from most Canucks fans. 

Excellent post .  

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