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(Waivers) Eric Gelinas

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29 minutes ago, kloubek said:

...may I introduce to you, exhibit "B" in the form of Erik Gudbranson....


Yea, I've noticed his too... it's pretty solid but I'm still not sold on Guddy yet... takes more than 23 games for me to develop a man crush.

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9 hours ago, missioncanucksfan said:

I know he is a bit of a big puss and has a salary of $1.58m but could he not help Utica's backend?

He does have a decent shot and veteran presence. At age 25, I do feel this guy still has potential



No. If we claim him we have to keep him on the roster. The purpose of waivers is to keep give players a chance to stay in the NHL rather than giving teams a free pass to send them to the AHL. Claiming someone and sending them to the AHL immediately is directly contradictory to that.


I'm sure someone has already mentioned it, but it's worth repeating. How is it we have to mention this in every waivers thread?

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With Larsen injured, we may have claimed him had this happened in the last two days?


I like Gelinas.  Had it happened anytime last year, or the year before, we also would have been in head deep!

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