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Plausible Parity-Prognostication!

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Last wknd of 2016-17 season: Bettman will be hopping-excited, exhorting & chortling over the competitive-nature of every franchise, byGawd!


As the remaining day's games play out, all THIRTY teams are TIED with 90 pts each. In the Sunday's last 15 tilts, predictably, aforementioned 30 teams grind them into "solid-D" shootouts. With teams heavily dependent on deflecting discs off derrieres in dismal, defending scrums.


Shootouts! 15 teams will be ensured a run at all the hallowed glory. 14 teams get to pray Lady Luck smiles upon their lotto-balls! One(at least!) will be left in the lurch..uncertain where the Hell they wind up(?!3:^).


Yes folks, it'll be wonderfully exciting. Should we reacquire Vrbs to prepare for that pivotal SO?..Discuss.

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4 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Okay..this post WAS incredibly silly tripe, & will sure attend confession soon, & stop drinking the after shave lotion.


That said, can't you good folk see season-ending wknd's with 30 teams tied?..Doomed to participation-medal parity, is this league.

Just watch on Sat night there will be another 6-8 games going to OT.   It is amazing how the match management goes pretty much unnoticed by the masses.

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