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Patrick OSullivan Rips on Vancouver -The Franchise,City,Fans


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"Every team. Even teams in the East can't stand Vancouver. Everybody hates Vancouver."


"I was definitely pulling for the Bruins by the end of that series." -  "And Canada as a whole lot."


"Aaron Rome. Aaron Rome, another guy like this."


"I played in that division. I should like some guys on that team, I'd like them to do well. And it's just not the case. It's across the board."


"There's something in that jersey."


"Dorsett is just a more willing Burrows."


"Burrows is by far the most hated individual in the entire league. [...] And he is a coward."


"They are just hated, and I think it's deserved."


"Most guys are good guys at the end of the day and I believe Alexandre Burrows is not one of these guys."


"No good team has that situation. [...] When he's done there, he's done."


Wonder what happened in the past. Sounds like Burrows really hurt him with quote:"personal, gutless" chirping.

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6 minutes ago, BananaMash said:

I mean, what Burrow's said to him defintiely wasn't cool but he's just coming across as super salty now.


To me Burrows and Kesler chipring skills just make them more legendary. The fact they took the time to prepare for a game to do research into a guy's personal life to dig out a detail or two to make it more personal to get him off his game is amazing.


Sure Burrows crossed the line and Kesler probably did too. But is shows how competitive these guys are and how badly they want to win that they are willing to do pretty much anything.


This is missing on the current Canucks. Dorsett is a poor excuse for a tough guy/ agitator. The league's gone soft.

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1 minute ago, drsofthands said:

our franchise is pretty trash, no matter how you spin it 40+ years and no cup is pretty bad. Fans are fine though, just like any other city i guess.

Cmon man just cause we got no cup doesnt mean our franchise is trash. Where are all the positive influences over the years? Sedins, Linden, Pat Quinn

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