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Jagr skips Penguins' 25th cup anniversary....


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3 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

IMO it would be weird, and disrespectful to the Panthers organization if he did go and celebrate with his former team.

Half the panthers aren't even 25 so they wouldn't care they weren't playing or born. But yes i could see how panthers management wouldn't want him going

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It's a testament to him staying in shape. Playing as long as he has, there's some luck involved obviously... but the guy is probably in better shape than most teammates half his age.

He could probably play long enough to win another Cup. Celebrate that one instead!

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2 minutes ago, Bob.Loblaw said:

He would be a complete oddball among that group.  What is seemingly a bunch of old fogies talking about whatever old fogies do and then Jagr.

We "old fogies" sit around and talk about how much better, and tougher we were, and how these young guys are all soft and spoiled brats.  :P

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7 minutes ago, BabychStache said:

Jagrs longevity is phenomenal. Part of it is how he plays the game, along with his natural ability and dedication to fitness. 



Having a steady stream of 20 year old European models doesn't hurt either. 

I loved when that one girl tried to blackmail him and he was just like "What do I care?"

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and so the Jagr love fest continues, funny how all a guy has to do is play a few more hockey games all of a sudden he's a great dude.


there is a reason Rick Tochett punched Jagr out in practice during his rookie season (they were teammates) Jagr has been the picture of selfishness his whole career  


Whether it's bragging about his contract to 4th in guys, taking a break just cause he felt like it during a Stanley cup semi-final OT, absolutely giving half effort for record-setting pay with the Washington capitals to the point where the team couldn't wait to give him away to thew Rangers


Any of you stop to think why he's booed in PITTS to this day? Jagr can play hockey because he has tremendous talent and is physically gifted, but that's where the compliments  should stop


go ask the Russian mob, gambling debts are the only reason he's still playing

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