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HF Boards can kiss my Vancouver behind


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1 hour ago, Brad Marchand said:

Were you reading the thread about the Larsen hit? It was a trainwreck we should have seen coming.


The main forum has always had it out for Canucks fans. No point even trying to mention Burrows, he's apparently the most disgraceful pile of trash to ever play the game.

I guess most of everyone have never heard of Brad Marchand. 



44 minutes ago, MoneypuckOverlord said:

&^@# hfboards.com.


True story, bob Mckenzie referred to the users there as ass clowns.  that's how low it is, the double standardness is unreal.   Joke of a hockey forum.

Yea. When one of the best minds in hockey says that, that's all you should need to know about hfboards. 

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