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What pieces are we actually missing?


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1 minute ago, Tre Mac said:

This team literally needs a franchise goalie, a top D pairing and atleast 2 lines of forwards. 

What coach is going to succeed in the NHL with literally 2 AHL lines and 1 AHL d pairing?  If Babcock is supposedly the best coach in the NHL how come he finished last with an equally crappy team last year?  Coaching is not the problem unless you are on tanknation, then I would say coaching is a problem.  The onus falls on management if they're are truly running the show with total autonomy.  They are failing to ice a NHL calibre lineup day in and day out. 

He finished last because the Leafs management was trying to finish last.  His mandate is to play the prospects, and encourage development.  

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See some of you are suggesting to trade for 27-28 year old wingers. Problem with that is we would need to give up significantly for that to happen. We aren't in that position to be doing that.


So far, Benning has done a great job on our depth at defence and goaltending. Right now, we need to focus on drafting offensive, gamebreaking players. Our forward group isnt that good. Horvat and Boeser are our only top forwards.  


 Since Patrick is most likely to be taken by the time we draft, we need to draft Nico Hischier. Anybody from the Mooseheads we need to draft. 

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An elite #1 defenseman.


Looks at the Stanley Cup winner since 2000


NJ : Niedermayer, Stevens

DET : Lidstrom, Chelios, Rafalski

COL : Blake, Bourque

ANA : Neidermayer, Pronger

TB : Boyle (weakest of them all)

PIT : Letang

CHI : Seabrook, Keith

BOS : Chara

LA : Doughty


The only exception was Carolina in 2006.  Defense by comittee can only take you so far.  Even if you have good depth evenly distributed between your top 6, once one of the link goes down, every one else has to step up and that's when the vulnerability of not having a true #1 who can take 25-30min a game for an extended period begins to show.  That's what happen in 2011 when we lost Hamhuis, everyone else had to give it a little extra and were exposed. 


Juolevi is the closest thing to a #1 we have, but he still has ways to go to rise to that level.

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Goaltender: We're fine

Defense    : Definite need for elite D. Oli Juolevi could be such. Stetcher and Hutton are good, but not elite. Luc Bourdon{RIP} would've but alas........

Forward   : A game breaker. At this point, Bo Horvat is looking like that guy. I know Brock Boeser is a possibility and Jake Virtanen as well, but not yet.


This thread topic been a topic brought up on an annual basis for god knows how long. Probably since the '99 acquisitions of the twins.

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1 owner that's lets the professionals do there job

2 a gm that is capable of REBUILDING by acquiring and picks and prospects and stocking the farm.ie not benning

3 a NHL coach that believes in development and playing to your strengths so that rules out willie.

4 three top three forwards SKILL/scoring

5 hard hitting checking 3rd 4th line that know there role. 


second line Horvat boesser and virtanen. 

the d looks okay some size and some mobility 

goaltending should be solid as well.

so yeah seven years from now we should be a playoff team. 1 more year of worlds worst gm, the coach is pretty much  done, and ownership will soon be sick of watching the game alone in the massive area. 

The new gm will have his hand full with the garbage contracts and ntcs  handed out by benning and the total lack of skill that's been brought in by him. 




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I think your prospect rankings are a little optimistic.  I don't know about Boeser and Horvat being classified as elite, or guys like Gaudette, Lockwood and Zhukenov being classified as top 6.  Here's to hoping though.


Regardless, I think the Canucks are missing three pieces:


1. A legitimate, elite, 1st line scoring winger.  A guy that can put the puck in the net.  A player like Tarasenko, Kane, Benn, Voracek, etc.  We need a Markus Naslund.


2. A top 4 defenceman that is big, mean, can skate and make a first pass.  This is what Gudbranson was supposed to be.  He hasn't lived up to this so far, and he still could.  If he does, we have our man.


3. A third line player with versatility that is mean, hits, and plays with an edge. And no, this is not Derek Dorsett.  A player like Andrew Shaw, Cal Clutterbuck, or Alex Burrows in his prime when he was pissing guys off.


This would give us a new legitimate 1st line with Bo centering it.  The Sedins as a 2nd line.  Some combo of the current bottom 6 collection of players we have on the 3rd line (Granlund, Sutter, Baertschi, etc.) and a fast and mean 4th line.


If our young D can make the next step next year, with Stecher as our PP quarterback, I think the Canucks would be exciting and a fun team to watch.

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This team is missing patient fans meaning that we need to allow the youth to mature instead of expecting instant results from 18 and 19 year olds who aren't named McDavid, Crosby....


In saying this, maybe it is missing patient owners as well.

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