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[discussion] the logic behind Benning saying he won't ask anyone to waive their NTC


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He obviously wouldn't trade guys he just signed (Sutter, Eriksson) and he won't ask the Sedins (I still have hope that they will offer to go to a contender at the deadline next season). Bur and Miller are gone at the end of the season anyways,  but I could see either one of them wanting to go to a contender at the deadline.   It really depends on how the team is playing by February.


So we're really only talking about Edler and Hansen.  Having surgery on his hand may effect Edler's game for the remainder of the season, which may render him unmovable this season.  I think it would have to be a really good return for him to trade Hansen, but he might do it so he can protect another forward at the expansion draft.


JB had no problem asking Bieksa and Garrison to move, so he will do it if he thinks it will make his team better.

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