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[Proposals] Vancouver Dallas & Vancouver Colorado

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To Colorado: Tanev, Granlund 

To Vancouver: Landeskog, Zadorov

*Note: when Tanev and Landeskog are healthy*

Why: Both these teams need a major shakeup, as they sit at the bottom of the league.  This is a hockey deal, rather than simply a sell, as all players have longer deals or are UFA's.  Vancouver, while struggling defensively due to injuries, actually have depth for once when everyone is healthy.  Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Gudbranson, Larsen, Sbisa, Tryamkin, Stecher.  Clearly this deal for the Canucks is about getting a top line scoring power forward winger.  He would be a key piece of our future.  Giving up Tanev hurts, but is manageable down the road.  For Colorado, they trade the oft-rumoured Landeskog to add good stability on the backend, and let Granlund fill a scoring role up front.  Zadorov is only 21 and has a decently high ceiling as a young player who can continue to grow.


To Vancouver: Julius Honka, 1st round pick, Kari Lehtonen (Cap Dump, with negative value as we hold for another year), Ales Hemsky (cap reasons while on IR)

To Dallas: Ryan Miller, Alex Edler, 3rd round pick.

*When Edler is healthy*

Why: I mentioned this deal on here before, but it makes sense for both teams.  Dallas wants to compete but are struggling in goal and defensively.  This deal gives them a top pairing defenseman to solidify things, and a veteran goalie to split time with Niemi.  Miller's expiring contract gives them lots of flexibility in the offseason.  The Canucks take on a bad salary in Lehtonen, but he can split time with Markstrom (and maybe get picked up by Las Vegas), and Hemsky is on IR.  But clearly this deal is all about getting a top defensive prospect and a first round pick to help the rebuild.


Sedins - Sutter

Landeskog - Bo - Eriksson

Baertschi - Chaput - Hansen (when healthy)

Skille - Gaunce - Burrows


Hutton - Gudbranson

Sbisa - Stecher

Tryamkin - Zadorov





Plus we add a first round pick and Julius Honka for the future.

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1 hour ago, underrated said:

Maybe Edler is a better fit then?

Potentially, but I'd assume less face value (despite more team value for the Avs).


As the current deal stands, there's no way Colorado gives up a top 6 winger and an awesome d-prospect just getting warmed up for a top-9 forward and a slight upgrade on defense (mainly due to Tanev being a RHD).

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7 hours ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

Av's have two needs.  A top 6 LW and top 4 LHD.

Granlund isn't a top 6 LW and Tanev isn't a top 4 LHD.


Bingo. I've said they don't need another RHD in every Tanev to Colorado trade thread I've seen so far. Even with Johnson hurt for a few weeks right now, they still don't want another RHD with a cap hit larger than what a 3rd pairing guy should be making. And they aren't going to solve their scoring by trading their captain and a good offensive player in Landeskog away.


5 hours ago, underrated said:

Maybe Edler is a better fit then?

But why would Edler waive to go to Colorado?

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7 hours ago, wallstreetamigo said:

Ask yourself in both trades if you would be happy if JB did them in reverse.


I would be demanding he be fired.

Yeah it's almost like Colorado and Dallas don't have GM,s at all, just give us all your good guys and 1st round picks.

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14 hours ago, underrated said:

Maybe Edler is a better fit then?

Better in terms of needs but bad in terms of what's on the market. If they can chose between edler and say folwer who do you think they'd have more interest in?  Fowlers is closer the landy vaule. But I also don't think landy is on the market. Trading him makes and even bigger hole on there left side. 

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