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Washington proposes bill to allow guns in Stadium's


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Conservative legislators in Washington state are proposing a bill that would allow fans to bring guns into sports stadiums including Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Both stadiums, home to the Mariners and Seahawks, respectively, have strict no-gun policies and are privately operated. But the legislature moves to prevent private operators of public spaces, stadium authorities, and public facilities districts from keeping out concealed pistols from their respective spaces, provided the weapons’ owners have proper license to carry.

Republican representatives Matt Shea, David Taylor and Bob McCaslin, all located in Olympia, Wa., are pushing the bill.

You can read the full act here.

Washington remains traditionally a blue state, so the odds of this legislature passing do appear slim. Regardless, potentially arming fans in stadiums, where alcohol runs freely and emotions often run high, seems like a risky idea, to say the least.

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Scary thing is... to most Americans, not being able to take a gun into a stadium, is a violation of their rights... 


It is this mentality that we have to think of when reading this article. From that point of view, this bill makes sense. 


And yet from our (Canadian) POV, this is incomprehensible. Personally I don't think guns should be as accessible as they currently are in the US of A. I just shake my head at their views on guns...

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Even if the state passed it, wouldn't the league have something to say about it? Something like "fat &^@#ing chance".


As far as I know Texas is the only state that allows plain clothes people into the stadium with concealed weapons. The catch? Only if they are off-duty cops, and they check in designated gates and tell staff where they'll be sitting. 

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41 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

Next step, giving out free guns with the purchase of every beer?


Seems about as logical as what they're proposing.

There was a bank in Michigan giving out a free rifle with each new account.  Michael Moore made a video of himself going through the process, and walking out of the bank with a nice gun.  



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