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Canucks Season Promo (Video)


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I think it's fair too say this team reflects the message this video portrays.  If you listen too the words it describes exactly what this team is.  Hard working, hard to play against, the desire to preserve, and to battle each and every night. I find it very interesting how accurate this team has lived up too the promo we were all sold on in the pre season.  Yes the 9 game losing kid stank but look how this team has remained competing night in and night out!  Props to JB and TL for creating this culture and for the vets for enforcing it. 


We have a lot to like about our squad.  I hope this video makes you feel as proud and excited as I am!

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The one subtle thing I find very interesting.  Is where at the 49 second mark you see hanks C then the very next clip is Bo Horvat with ice flying in the sky.  Then the final clip is of a goal where you see Bo go behind the net and celebrate with his teammates.  Then the promo ends with Bo and Hutty on top of the mountain.  I wonder if that is subliminal messaging?  It happens to start at the 49 second mark just like the 49th parallel in which we live.   Very interesting :D  (this post is more conspiracy based but I mean what I said above) 

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