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(Poll)Best TV Theme Song

Tre Mac

Best TV Theme Song  

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I remember growing up as a kid in the 80's and trying to go to sleep on a school night while overhearing my parents watch tv.  Some of those theme songs are still etched in my mind today like MASH, and Hill Street Blues.  Some would argue they don't compose those theme's like they do today!


I gave all y'all 15 choices of TV shows from the 70-90's that in my opinion were some of the best theme songs on TV.  I've seen comparable lists but some of the theme's didn't make my cut (Love Boat, Star Trek, Sopranos, etc.)


So what is your favorite?  Most lists has Cheers at number one but I think I am going to vote for Saved by the Bell, it's a custom theme with a guitar solo.  It's also a show I loved as a kid!

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