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[Proposals] Several Rebuilding Trades

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To Philadelphia: Ryan Miller (6 Million Cap Hit)

To Vancouver: Michael Neuvirth, Michael Del Zotto, 2nd round pick (5.625 Million Cap Hit)

Why: Philadelphia is only 2 points out of the top spot in their division, and have a good all around team...except in goal.  Mason is hit or miss, and Neuvirth has been terrible.  On D they are loaded with NHL caliber players, due to the young guns like Provorov, Manning, Gostisbehere stepping up over the past season, so they would part with Del Zotto for cap reasons.  They have those three plus Streit, MacDonald, Gudas, and Del Zotto on their blue line, plus two good young d prospects still waiting in Morin and Sanheim.

Neuvirth and Del Zotto both have expiring deals, so we take them back for cap purposes.  We can then likely trade Del Zotto for a pick at the deadline (3rd rounder?).  The value we add here is a second round pick for Miller.  Maybe we could get Morin or a first round pick instead of the second rounder, but not likely.

For Philadelphia, they have Mason and Miller both down the stretch, they would likely start Miller, but also play the hot hand.  Then they have flexibility in the off-season to re-sign Miller or sign a guy like Bishop.


Deadline deal: Del Zotto somewhere for a 3rd rounder.


First off, I do NOT think the Sedins will get traded, and like everything on these forums, it's just hypothetical and for our own interests.  With that said, if the Sedins were to get traded, I think Detroit is the perfect partner.  So I made a trade idea that I think is fair, and actually works with the cap, which is hard for two 7 million dollar players.


To Detroit: Sedins, Michal Neuvirth (15.625)

To Vancouver: Evgeny Svechnikov, Justin Abdelkader, Darren Helm, Brendan Smith, Jimmy Howard (cap reasons), 1st round pick 2017, 2nd round pick 2018 (Cap 15.142)

Why: They have Zetterberg and Kronwall, two other old Swedish players, and they'd like to compete before this core retires.  They have some good young players now in the lineup (Mantha, Larkin, Mrazek) so it's the sweet spot of time to compete before those players get larger contracts.  Obviously adding the Sedins is a massive change of their roster, that instantly takes their offense to the next level.  Larkin is the only player with more than 6 goals this year.  Both Henrik AND Daniel have more than that.  They would instantly be the top of Detroit's scoring along with Zetterberg (19-20 points each right now).  Detroit also ditches Howards bad contract, with Mrazek as their #1 which is added value to them and makes this deal possible.

For the Canucks, this would obviously be signalling a massive shift to a rebuild.  With that said, Abdelkader and Helm take the two roster spots of the Sedins and are good veteran NHLers on contracts beyond this year.  So they replace the Sedins on the current roster, but more importantly they get three good pieces for the future.  The Canucks get Detroit's top prospect outside of the NHL, a big strong left winger.  A first round pick and a second round pick.  Smith can be sold at the deadline for a pick.  Howard is our backup for a couple years until Demko is ready.


Deadline deal: Brendan Smith somewhere for a 3rd rounder.


To Florida: Darren Helm (3.85 Million Cap Hit)

To Vancouver: Nick Bjugstad (4.1 Million Cap Hit)

Why: I know at first glance, this seems like Vancouver wins the trade, but the new analytics regime in Florida hates Bjugstad.  He's only played 13 minutes per game, and has 0 points.  Since he's on a long term contract, they'll want to dump him.  Helm is an analytics guys, that does many of the small things right.  The Canucks probably get worse short term with this trade, but take the risk of buying low on Bjugstad, building up his confidence, and having him as a good player for the future.


To Dallas: Alex Edler (5 Million Cap Hit)

To Vancouver: Julius Honka, Ales Hemsky (LTIR Cap hit), 2nd round pick (3rd if Dallas doesn't make the playoffs). (4 Million Cap Hit)

Why: Dallas has given up the most goals in the league this season, and they badly need another solid defender.  They want to compete this year, but have been off to quite a bad start.  Edler is a big piece for them.  In return they give up a really good defensive prospect and a draft pick for our future.  Honka and Juolevi would project to be a stud top pairing defense core for us for the long term future.  I know we have other young guys like Tryamkin, Stecher, Hutton (which is great), but Honka is up there with Juolevi in terms of potential as true star #1 guys.


Abdelkader - Horvat - Eriksson

Baertschi - Sutter - Granlund

Burrows - Bjugstad - Hansen

Skille - Megna - Dorsett


Hutton - Tanev

Sbisa - Gudbranson

Tryamkin - Stecher

Larsen (when returns from injury)





Key future pieces

Minors: Demko, Svechnikov, Honka, Juolevi, Virtanen, Boeser, Cassels, Subban, Gaunce

Draft picks:

Vancouver and Detroit 1st round picks

Dallas, Philadelphia, Columbus, Vancouver second round picks (can use to select players, or package to move up in draft) Plus Detroit 2018 2nd round pick

Extra third rounders for Del Zotto and Smith


Please let me know your thoughts on who wins each deal, rather than just blanket statements about the post.

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That would require a whole paradigm shift in the thinking from owner and management. I'm not saying I don't like the idea but doesn't seem feasible by this squad. They know they have to rebuild but something is stopping the blow up which needs to happen to move forth and accelerate the inevitable.

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56 minutes ago, Ojibwa72 said:

That would require a whole paradigm shift in the thinking from owner and management. I'm not saying I don't like the idea but doesn't seem feasible by this squad. They know they have to rebuild but something is stopping the blow up which needs to happen to move forth and accelerate the inevitable.

Yeah, I agree fully that it would be a whole paradigm shift.  I don't see them doing it either, but this would be my approach if they were.  I think they'll try to build around giving the Sedins one more shot in two or three years, but IMO that will be near impossible to pull off.  They might as well get a good return while they can.

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Since all of your trades are dependent of the first one (miller) and it's way unbalanced and grossly overpriced for miller... the rest falls through.


then the sedins trade... 15m cap space shifting around ya right not going to happen


edler trade is reasonable but elder has the final hammer with his ntc...


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