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Wtf is with the jerseys for Ohlund ROH night? (Knockoffs or what?) **NEW IMAGE**


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Someone on Facebook posted this.  The Canucks posted on Instagram this picture of the warm up jerseys for Ohlunds ROH night.  Did the Canucks buy some knockoffs from China or what?  These are BRUTAL.


Canucks team store posted on their Instagram story.




**The one on the left is what they posted.** the one on the right is for comparison.





New pic



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Just now, Master Mind said:

It is missing the one ice shard... guess we'll find out tomorrow if that picture is actually showing what they'll wear.

The one ice shard is seriously the only difference you see?  The logo is not even close. In numerous aspects.

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3 minutes ago, Down by the River said:

On the right, three gills (or whatever they are supposed to be), on the left, only two.


It is like looking at the Coffee News from Subway where you have to find what's different between the two pictures.

what the hell gills are you talking about?

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5 minutes ago, CanuckGAME said:

Canucks store instagram, sorry.


Look at the "story"

what story? and that picture isn't it he teams store Instagram either. however, the most recent photo is a table full of various merchandise in that colour, all of which have normal, correct logos. 

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