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12 minutes ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

I don't think he really cares about where shinkaruk being a former 1st round pick.  He didn't pick him.  Gaunce was also a former 1st round pick and canucks won't even considered him being one of the protected players.  


Right now I can't see how canucks would keep Granlund over Baertschi.  Saying he can play center doesn't really mean a lot when his FO% is under 40%.  And canucks need top LW's more than they need centers.


Yup thats a good point too. If Baer ends up with 20 goals and the chemistry continues with Bo then its probably a no-brainer. But if it doesn't and Granny heats up I'm not so sure. 


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2 hours ago, J.R. said:


Is getting someone Domi-esque less 'winning environment' though?


Domi, Horvat, Eriksson 

Sedin, Sedin, Hansen / Boeser 

Baer / Granlund / Rodin, Sutter, Boeser / Hansen 

? ? ? , Gaunce, Dorsett 


Edler, Stetcher 

Hutton, Gudbranson

Sbisa, Tryamkin 


Looks pretty good to me. 


No argument from me there. Like I said, I better see a monster return from moving Tanev if that's the route I'd take as GM. 

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5 hours ago, J.R. said:


Is getting someone Domi-esque less 'winning environment' though?



I think the issue is that we may be rushing the D-corps in our optimism.  To wit:


6 hours ago, ThaShady1 said:

I don't necessarily disagree with you but trading Tanev goes against managements "winning environment" game plan. If it's me in Benning's shoes, I better see a monster return coming back my way. Trading Tanev to fill a top 6 hole leaves a hole in our top 2/4


Personally, I'm for trading Edler. While he's a common whipping by (myself notwithstanding) he's a great pickup by a team buying up for a cup run. I'd rather keep Tanev, deal Edler for a late first, or and 2+3/4 rounder, soak up the 5mil, and play Hutton with Tanev moving forward. 


Defencemen typically don't get really established until at least their mid-20s, as Edler, Tanev, and now Sbisa are showing.  Tryamkin, Hutton, and Stecher look very promising but they're still barely into their 20s (not to mention being rookies and a soph), and even Gudbranson is still 24.  Four of your six d-men under 25 is pretty crazy, really.


So far management has been quite cautious/conservative in the transition, and I think they'll maintain that with the D now that we've finally got some depth and young guys showing well.  Yes Brisebois and Juolevi look good too, but they're 2-3 years behind our three current young guys yet.  I think JB will choose to anchor the D with Tanev (he's openly admitted how "comforted" he feels with him in the lineup) and Sbisa for now (which enables Juolevi another year of development plus Brisebois to Utica), and of anyone he will try to move Edler.  Tanev is just reaching his peak years and has many good years ahead, as long as he physically holds up.

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