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wow guys. really? there is already a forum about this but its gotten nothing. This guy is going to be second all time in scoring forever. a true legend and we are lucky enough to witness it first hand. trust me. a player like this wont come around in our life time. lets use this forum to share our memories and stories of the great Jagr. pictures are a bonus.


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It's amazing how he's playing well even at age 44.  Truly a living legend, and in his prime he was a dominant beast (Ray Ferraro or someone once called him in a TSN video "Mario, only left-handed", since he was just that good).  Here's to hoping that he can play til 50, would be cool to still see him around then.

Then again, just realized that Wayne is still 1000 points ahead of him at this point, PLUS Jagr's played like 150 more games than Wayne, which makes Wayne's achievement all the more impressive.  Anyways, props to both these legends.    

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23 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

The difference in point totals between #1 (Wayne Gretzky) and #2 (Jaromir Jagr & Mark Messier) is the same as the difference (970) between #2 and #104 (Bobby Orr).

That truly shows how good Wayne Gretzky was. HE WASNT EVEN A GOALSCORER; HE WAS A PLAYMAKER

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