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I hope the management see this post


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To my eyes > we play hard eight out of ten games. In the pro ranks you'll have some stinkers with 3 games in 4 nights, the 3rd a back to back after traveling. As long as thats the case I'm not going to hang the coach.  Not that I think he's perfect.


We dump and chase with forwards like Gaunce, Megna, Burrows, Skille & we had Dorsett.  If you had these forwards that is what you would ask them to do as coach as well? I would! But they also then go in and bang defenders retrieving pucks. Get in on the fore-check. Hound the outlet. And steal pucks. Then go to the net. They play hard and battle. All things considered I'm happy. 


Granlund Eriksson & Sutter? They will carry it in. Even do a decent job of possession.  So they dont lose that many shifts. Granlund just is not a slick enough guy at evading anyone attacking him when he has the puck.  And then distributing to wings who have proven elsewhere of being able to bury feeds by going to the slot & the front of the net.  In short, Granlund needs to get better to pivot a line that often gets the O'zone starts when the Sedin's are not available.  In his current development; I would be very excited if he was our 4th line center. I also think he will play another 3 or 4 years, maybe a full career in the NHL. He's made it. We may not lose shifts, but we don't score a ton either. Granlund playing where he is, well, that is a sign we're making do.


And how would we feel about that line taking the key draws against, say, Seguin & Benn?  Crosby?  Getzlaf & Perry?  Sutter, Loui as well are acceptable defensively. But there is not the size, nor the sheer tenacity in their game, ideally, to load them against the heaviest match up's. So the killer B's play double duty.  


Bo, Burrows and Baertschi? Burrows is showing them how to play tenacious. And still has enough skill to stop on a dime, and control plays with the puck.  Baer is under-rated, and makes a LOT of guys pressuring him miss.  He's our best possession guy.  And Bo is the best on our team at driving up ice on the break-out.  Driving to the net as well. Knocking guys off the puck in our end. They all back check. And give our (average skilled) D a reasonably easy outlet to start that break.  


And of course no one, can, or should try and control play like the Twins. Plus they're declining.  And that leads to questions as to when and how to deploy them.  Torts got fired trying to force managements hand.  He routinely threw them out in defensive assignments over their head. But what is left if they are also not dominant in the offensive end? As they were with AV...


So add that all up! The conclusion you should draw is that Willie appears not to have a plan.  But in reality, he has to have a very different plan for each line. I won't get in to it. But for each defensive pair as well.   


Willie is putting a lot together.  I don't blame him.  I agree with Linden that putting together a sense of structure amidst this suggests he is actually doing a good job.


Who do I blame?  Benning?  No.  Father time...


We're somewhere between 1/3rd and 2/3rd through a rebuild.  My expectations are simply where they should be.


As long as we're competitive & play hard 80% of the time; I'm happy.  It does not bother me whether we win or lose at the moment!

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1 hour ago, Nucks4Live said:

I have been the Canucks fans for over 20 years from the Era of Bure/Mogilny/Linden to the Naslund/Bertuzzi/Morrison to the Sedins/Kesler. The Canucks always have a dominant line that excite us night in and night out. Since Jim took over as GM back in May 2014, I have seen some great things being done by the management discovering and brining in new blood to the team for a longer term development. And yet there are moves that I really don't understand and I think is destroying the team.




Here are some things I notice:

1) we traded Kesler  for Bonino and Sbisa. Both are proven to be good players, Bonino helped the Penguins to the Stanley cup final on the HBK Line, Sbisa is still in the plus 7, when as a team we are -23 on goal for and goal against difference. We then traded Bonino out for Sutter, who is also a good two way players. But why make this move in the first place? Obviously Bonino last year proven that he can scores and play in key situations. So if its not the player's fault, then who is it?

2) We did a good signing with Vrbata back in 2014 who got 63 points with the Sedins, why take him off the line last year? He is still scoring 22 points right now with the Arizona. The letting go of Vrbata led to the big contract signing of Eriksson that uses a lot of the cap space. If Vrbata can still scores and contribute, then who fault is it for not using the player effectively and finding the right line?

3) The only move that I am not so happy about is we have a high pick at 4th this year and we didn't pick Matthew Tkachuk, a power forward we badly needed. Otherwise I think we did good trading for Gudbranson, and brining in Tryamkin, and Stecher. These are all the good young players that contributing night in and night out.

4) In the beginning of the year, we make 4 straight wins with a lot of comebacks win. All the players keep saying in the post game interview that they believe in the system and that it works. Honestly, what is the system now? Fast transition games with no defense? Look at the game with Carolina where we gave up 6 goals in the 3rd period is really unacceptable at the NHL level.


Before we let go Alain Vigneault, we have a very strong defensive game that allows the forward to score and win. You look at all the good experience successful coaches do to a bad team.

Look at what Bruce Boudreau do to Minnesota Wilds, the team is now 21-8 this year, they only added Eric Staal to the roster and bought out Thomas Vanek, and Eric Staal's is now leading Minnesota Wild scoring with 28 points. Look at what Alain Vigneault did to NY Rangers since he took over, the team is in the Playoffs every year, back then Rangers was just a team that like to sign star players with big bucks and never get into playoffs. Look at what John Tortorella did to the Blue jackets, the team is first in the Metropolitan division.
Barry Trotz is known to play a sound defensive system, the system created star goalies like Braden Holtby and Pekka Rinne. The list can goes on and on with what good coaches can do to the team
I understand that Willie D is very good at developing young players, I can see that with Ben hutton, Bo horvat etc. BUT THIS DOESN'T MEAN HIS SYSTEM CAN HELP HIS TEAM WIN IN NHL LEVEL. Jim Bennings and Linden obviously is trying very hard to find the "right players" at the right price to try and satisfy the coaching needs. The problem is that our team already have a lot of "right players", but the person running the team really don't have much clue on how to combining them effectively.
Willie D is at best an assistant coach to help develop young players, but you need a proven NHL coach to know what to do with line combinations, clearly define the team identity, and to know what to do in key situations to turn around the game momentum when needed. Honestly, I think 2 years are long enough time you give to a coach to try, If you were to make a coaching change its NOW. at least you have the second half of the season to work out the lines and players under the new coach so we can start making minor changes this off season and start winning next year.
The worst thing that can happen now is Jim and Linden kept making moves and trading away good players so they can try and fit in to a system that doesn't work, or has yet proven to work.
PS Not hard feeling Willie.

What are the differences between AV's and WD's systems?

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32 minutes ago, Aircool said:


I think you mean Ice Cap? Capiche?


I forgot the "S" , but you used the random "H" variation. I actually shot beer out of my nose. Well done!


Priceless. Together we will rule the world!

Capisce. (Is what I meant, but duh derpitty do dah, and yup)


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9 minutes ago, luckylager said:


I forgot the "S" , but you used the random "H" variation. I actually shot beer out of my nose. Well done!


Priceless. Together we will rule the world!

Capisce. (Is what I meant, but duh derpitty do dah, and yup)



While I was going for LOLs with the post in general, I can't claim that Capiche was an intentional laugh. Because: 

It's not a random way of spelling it, it's the correct way of spelling it. Capiche?



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13 minutes ago, luckylager said:

I hope there's weed in it


Cuz Naniamo bars are haneous evil. 


Nothing good comes from Naniamo.


You seriously don't enjoy a  Nanaimo bar sans 'erb!?!?


correct on the rest.




benning looks like he enjoys a Nanaimo bar after a plate of meat n spuds 

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1 minute ago, oldnews said:

Been there a hundred times - at least - and can't argue with that.  I'd give it a slight edge over Prince George.


Havent been to pg in 26 years


at that time it was the rink, the video arcade and our teams motel.


but I hear of it's horror.

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