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What's on tonight's menu?

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Picking up Chinese for my kids (I park at their place and walk to the game). They said they're making some stuffed mushrooms too so I'll have one or two of those for sure.


But I am just running mostly on energy and coffee today.  TOO EXCITED TO EAT!

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On 2/18/2022 at 6:38 PM, brilac said:

Chips and champagne ~


Kettle chips are great and so is champagne.  


Those cat toys in the background, the cat did that. She thinks the living room is her's. 



Correction:  The living room IS hers.


That's how cats roll!

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Treated myself to a really bad (good) dinner. Took Tino's to my kids the other night but didn't get anything for myself. Been craving it ever since and today when I pulled in to the grocery store because I have NO food in my house, it was right next door. A no brainer. I'm as excited about their salad (so fresh and the house dressing is the best I've ever had) as I am the lasagna...which is also the best (aside from our homemade). Now I have dinner and lunch for tomorrow.




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