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What's on tonight's menu?

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1 hour ago, luckylager said:

BBQ'd pork tenderloin marinated for 8hrs - pineapple juice, cider vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, sea salt, ginger, a chili pepper, black pepper.

Seared that loin proper, raging 700+ degrees.

Killed the inferno down to 400. Meat well away from flame, lid down, turning and basting in marinate every 10 mins for 40mins.

Grill back to high, loin on direct heat getting rolled around while basting for another 5mins to glaze that f**ker real gud.


Served with rice pilaf (homemade of course), greek salad and mixed greens from my garden.


Delicious, tender, juicy pork that was so fricken awesome I tried to steal some from my kids. (Both got angry about it). Was a 700g loin, coulda destroyed that thing on my own. It's been since September that I got to BBQ a loin, the above is my favorite recipe.


Try it. It's deadly. Serve with beer, (Phillips Pilsner today)













this is why there is this thread.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ringing up the tab at the Carlile Room. 3 glasses of Rose, a garden plate, and now dessert. My unease is unwinding, and I have gotten slimmer with all that stair climbing and walking. 


Oh yeah, and that Duran Duran song they are playing, I totally  have that album at home.


Oh boy, it's the Clash now, and I have this album too. I can totally go go home and have an 80's night! And I mean go go.

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  • 2 weeks later...

There's just something about that sparkling rose`.  Gosh I love the sparkling rose!  I've been pretty unbalanced and stressed this week due to my apartment and they way the building management are handling it.  They probably think I am insane.  I'm usually reserved, but when something bothers me, I am outspoken, and when there is a  problem, they are going to know about it. 


Anyhow, wine time started today at dinner with the chicken pad thai with one glass, and continued at home with the sparkling rose`.

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Having the spicy beef pho and champagne. Gosh I love champagne! 


This just came to mind since the hockey schedule is out. I once had sushi tacos in Montreal. I must have saw it advertised on the side of a bus, and thought, oh yeah, sushi and tacos together, I love both. So I had it, and it was not all that appealing afterwards, and all I can think of now - sushi tacos in Montreal?

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On 6/16/2017 at 6:31 PM, HI5 said:

Anyone ever try a 10,000 calorie challenge? Get to eat a bunch of pizza/donuts..

Psshh 10K is a challenge? That's me pretty much everyday 7th day when I get a cheat day. 


Ballers on youtube are doing 20-30K challenges now a day. 

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