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Rebuild or Retool (Poll)


Retool or Rebuild, which are you in favour of ?  

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You Can discuss all you want.......but basically.......let's see what CDC really Thinks


For Voting Purposes: the following definitions apply....................................



-Slowly build your team, adding prospects via the draft, minor trades, and older UFA's



- Sell of existing  veterans including the Sedin's if the return is right (Edler, Hansen, Miller, Burrows, Erikkson, possibly Tanev).....again only if the return is good/decent

- do not trade picks, unless for a higher pick or prospects in conjunction with trading another player (Obviously)

- allow the team to fall, to acquire higher picks

- Acknowledge we are in a rebuild.

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stay the current course but flip tanev or edler for an elite scoring winger.  stay on course otherwise.  this team has a good d core add Juolevi in we good. we got good checking talent 3rd and 4th liners. Boeser comes in next year. add 1 elite scorer and a possible top 3 pick to the lineup and we're back in the post season.

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I think we are going to resign miller and flip Markstrom.  that way miller can mentor the next great American goal tender. Marky is hungry and might struggle sharing the net with Demko.   


remove Markstrom. keep miller who gets 50-60 starts and play Demko up and down.  I suspect that will take place in the summer or next season.  based on our past goalie drama I suspect if they sign miller beyond 2 years marky will get pissed. if u want to sign him for more then 2 deal marky first.


miller is a true pro. Markstrom is a promising young sorta old tender who has yet to claim his net. I suspect management isn't sold on him and would rather keep miller based on how well he's handled things with marky too this point.


I wont be upset. i'll be happy if we get a solid return.  I can imagine a couple quality picks. asset management people. 


#trademarky keep #allamericanmiller for future #allAmericanDemko 

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9 minutes ago, Green Building said:


I think it's funny that CDC needs to be spoonfed what is happening while it is happening. 

If the word "rebuild" isn't outright said, then it isn't happening, according to CDC.

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I have this theory.  JB and crew are trying to rebuild this team well remaining competitive.  The best way to do that is too first add lengthy development curve players.  IE Power forwards, D, and acquire quality bottom 6 players that will help you contend in a few years time.  Then once you round out your goal position (demko, markstrom) you then focus on D and a PW IE: Juolevi, tryamkin, add on of stecher, guddy. and Virtanen. then you focus on offensive talent flair like "hischier or a nolan patrick as the team dips to the bottom of the barrel". then you hope the team skids back on the track and keeps on contending for the post season.  Boeser was a steal at 23 and the JB wanted him at #9.  Boeser was a can't a can't pass up.  but his timeline works out well too because he has the few years of NCAA hockey where he can let the team drift down the bottom of the barrel.  Then.. not only does the team come back strong but it has all the difficult to acquire hard working pieces other teams are scared to give you.  


Just a theory.  But the timeline works out.  If we took Ehlers instead of Virtanen and / or Pastrnak instead of McCann JB probably knew the team would be good to soon and would enter meritocracy.  Maybe its a crazy theory but it lines up perfectly! lol.

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