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[Signing] Hawks extend F Artemi Panarin [2 year x $6M AAV]


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17 minutes ago, ajhockey said:

It's terrifying to think that this could be a bridge deal to 7.5M+ in his next contract if he keeps it up.

He's gonna cost them a core player this year then probably another one when this contract is up if he stays. Fine by me. 

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22 minutes ago, iinatcc said:

Same AAV as Loui Eriksson .... this signing is starting to look worse by the day :( 

Loui is a left shot though.  Does that make you feel better?  Oh, and he's older.  Oh and slower.  Oh, and less skilled.  Feeling better yet?  :lol:

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11 minutes ago, billabong said:

Damn! I was hoping the Canucks could pluck him if Chicago couldn't afford him 


with just over 6m left in cap space. Chi has no room for anything except filling out a roster with entry level contract and depth players 


And they'll still be in the conversation because that's exactly what they've been doing the past 8 years.


Anchor the true top 3-4 D-men and top 6 forwards. Fill in the rest because really, who cares?

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