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Can Columbus beat the streak


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Can Columbus beat the streak?


Well Columbus pulled it out and now are 2 away from tying the record.


They play Edmonton on the 3rd at home. They play January 5th against Washington on the road to tie the record. They play New York at home on the 7th for the record.


They definitely have a chance as far as I see it.

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Don't remember the last time this happened let alone on the last day of the year.


CBJ wins it by a landslide though. They're going for the record.


Interestingly enough, if the Canucks somehow strung together a 10 game winning streak and everyone in the West kept wining at around their current paces, we'd be good for 2nd in the Pacific and only a point or two out of the division lead.


Who knows...Edler and Tanev are back, our forwards are all healthy....

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2 hours ago, terrible.dee said:

I posted after taking a bunch of drugs once too


It was all like:


Burrows? Do We need him?  HjH   A LAALKSAkdLK;kkm;mssssssmnf lksnlknf;wfnhwoinw hf   if'wifw'ff niowwp

o fpp wffwp fw



Keep the party alive bro

That sheet cray.

Smokin weird everyday.

Burrows slays dragons.

Chinese is the dragons.

Canucks Stanley Cup.

Cookies and soup.

Oreos and ass.

Shut up I pass.

Like Henrik Sedin.

Passing to D. Sedin.

Stacking up cash.

In Willie's moustache.

Dumplings in the rain.

We're going insane.

Because we are cool.

Swimming in the pool.

With Alex Edler.

He gave me a burger.

To eat on the couch.

In Jim Benning's house.

Okay I'm almost done.

Daayyuummm son.

Okay I'm done.

Hope you had fun.

Canucks score 7 next game.

Bet on that game.

You will like it.

You will win it.

Okay bye now.

Canucks show.

On the ice.

Sutter scores thrice.

Just kidding there's more.

We're going to score.

On all of the teams. 

While eating ice creams.

And hear the phone ring.

But it was my thing.

On Ryan Miller.

He was in the chiller.

Nexflix and chill.

He needed a chill pill.

So his chill was his wife.

Hot damn what a life.

6 million salary.

Vacations in Cali.

But Markstrom is next.

Then Demko is next.

To start for Canucks.

Stopping all the pucks.

Finish finish finish.

This is the end finish.

One more thing though.

Don't listen to Moe.

From the Simpsons show.

Because he is so slow.

Like Homer for real.

He looks like a seal.

I'm done now yo.

Go Canucks Go!

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