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It's time for the NHL to suspend for compound infractions


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I've been mulling this thought over for a while, and the hit by William Carrier on David Backes a few days ago really convinced me that this should be a thing. So, what are compound infractions? Currently, the NHL tends to consider individual violations when considering suspensions: Was it elbowing? Was it a head shot? Was it a late hit? Boarding? 


But what happens when a hit is sort of late, sort of a head shot, sort of charging, but not fully any of the three?  Currently the NHL will evaluate each criteria individually, and if the incident doesn't meet the burden of proof, they do not suspend. I think the NHL needs to start tallying up infractions and then adding them together. For example: 


Half head shot = 0.5 points, half charging = 0.5 points, half late hit = 0.5 points. This would sum together for 1.5 points of intractions, with 1 point being the threshold for suspension. In comparison, a full headshot would be 1 point, which is a suspension. An egregious headshot could be 2-3 points. The more points, the longer the suspension.


I think the problem with the NHL now is that players are so smart, and have figured out how to skirt the rules. They go just far enough without crossing the line for any individual infraction. But should we really be letting players get away with 3-4 borderline infractions on a single play? I don't think so. Thoughts?

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as with all things nhl

they come out like barnstormers when an idea is new

players safety is an example

and then they beat it down, dumb it down, until it has much less importance

shanahan started out seriously and was forced to back down .  now there is little seriousness left in that nhl department

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Quite honestly, I really like this idea, provided that "half" infractions are still considered infractions at all. But you bring up a good point. With the individual evaluation of infractions, it makes pushing the line to a much closer level possible.

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