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Is Bo Horvat our best player?

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He's certainly up there. Essentially the missing link between Henrik's all-offence type of play and Sutter's more defensive style of play. It's nice to have that spectrum of 3 centers, even if none of the 3 are really elite.


I'd say Horvat is our most complete player right now.

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Yes for sure.


Great to see a player step forward and claim the leadership of this club.


Very exciting to have such a young player playing such a strong 2 way game.  Future captain of our club no doubt with when the  only question .



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Funny how when we drafted him it was for his 2 way game and now his offensive ability is his best quality.


I honestly don't believe Horvat is a Selki guy anymore, I think he an awesome offensive guy who could be a 1st line center. I still want a star center this draft ie. ( Patrick, Valardi, Hischier, mittlestadt).


Horvat has already exceeded my expectations. He is an a fantastic bright spot, making me happy I bought his Jersey (First official jersey, first one was Burrows).


Horvat is on pace for 55pts and 22G.

That is 1st line production in today's NHL (In just his 3rd season).


If there is any hope for this teams future it's him.

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Yes for 5 reasons...



1) He's on pace for 55 points 22goals which is highest in the team


2) He's one of our best centremens


3) barely gets any offensive zone starts and still lights it up


4) gets 3rd line centre minutes 


5) not on 1st power play unit which I think should be Daniel Horvat Henrik Baertschi stecher. Kinda like kesler used to centre our first pp unit.

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Bo Horvat is for sure our best player this season. He plays with heart, and he is a player who works hard. When we drafted this guy I was so excited, I love his worth ethic. Now when I look back on his draft year, he has out worked almost all the forwards drafted in front of him, in my opinion.


#1: Nathan Mackinnon - So far this season Nathan and Bo both have 25 points. However, Nathan is on the 1st line getting big minutes, whereas Bo is on the 3rd line. (Bo still gets good minutes, hope he gets more though).


#2: Alexsander Barkov Jr. - The only player in the draft class that has more points that Horvat with 27. However, I don't think he has that defensive game that Horvat brings us.


#3: Jonathan Drouin - So far this season Horvat has 3 more points than Drouin, and Drouin is a second liner playing with two real good veterans, Boyle and Fillpula (Not saying Baer and Burr are bad line mates). Plus Bo brings a positive attitude towards this team, and no drama. Unlike Drouin who requested for a trade and brought immediate drama to his team.


#5: Elias Lindholm - Only 13 points this season plus he plays on the second line with Jordan Staal.


#6: Sean Monahan - He has 20 points, plays on the 1st line with Johnny Gaudreau and he is a -14. 


#9: Bo Horvat - 10 goals, 15 assist, plays on the 3rd line (Which should be our 1st or 2nd line in my opinion), kills penalties and a great defensive player.


The numbers don't lie. All I'm saying is maybe Horvat was overlooked. He has everything you need in a future #1 center, and he has recently been adding physicality to his game. We are very lucky to have Bo, and I love watching him play. He is a great overall player, who will continue to get better, and if he continues to work hard he will be an elite player in this league






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3 hours ago, RWMc1 said:

Everyone slams Willie, but forcing Bo to focus on all aspects of the game has turned out pretty good so far.


What? When did Willie do this? I thought he wanted Bo to focus more on the defensive side of the game and not get too carried away with the offence and hence, placed him on the 4th line to start the season.


I don't want to bash WD and have been refraining myself from doing so... but come on, Willie didn't fully understand how much Horvat has progressed nor had a good grasp of Bo's potential that he got Horvat's deployment wrong at the beginning of the season. WD only played Horvat more because he was forced to play Horvat more (because Horvat played great).


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nice subject after a three game winning streak against some better teams. sure bo is one of our top guys along with sven and burr. but lets see how u all feel when we lose five out of six. in all honesty they are slowly taking over the top line roll, but its been happening all season long. this is also part of the the transition period and rebuild that most of u seem to think isnt happening.... but when it does start to sparkle u are the first ones to jump back on the wagon and say " these guys are our top line". but news flash.... we will have another few losing skids again....are the ones who are so high praising these guys now going to be praising them when we go on our next losing skid? because we will....its happening. its all part of the process and it WILL happen. are u guys still going to be praising them? in all honest truth you should be. because rebuilds take time. and not all rebuilds require a tank. detroit wishes you all a goodnight,


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Bo has been our best player since the halfway point of last season, so basically for the last calendar year. Most productive, best PKer, eats the hardest minutes, gets the worst zone starts and deployment, best face off center and the most 'clutch' player on the roster. 


Future captain and already a leader thru example.  The only person that cannot seem to understand this is Willie 'Bo is our 4th line center' D. 


Everytime I look a the deployment data post game, I scratch my head. It doesn't make sense and one logical conclusion is that this is a deliberate action desgined to keep the team on the edge of success without getting there this year. 


To me, the coaching and use of players only makes sense in that context. Maybe Management, coaching and ownership understand that this team needs to get more good prospects to really turn things around. MakIng the playoffs this season could actually set the team

back, but being competitive and being in the mix will improve our young players without sacrificing the future. 


We are better than our record and If Bo was getting Granlunds minutes and linemates we would have more wins and points, IMO.  



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