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Yeah no kidding a real leader would hide away from all the media crying while letting the Sedins do all the talking. Yep best captain in the NHL right there! :rolleyes:


It amazes me how much people turn a blind eye to Luongo because he's Canadian yet has never shown anything that he is a good leader or even shown a true commitment to the team while bash Naslund because he's European yet he would face the media regardless how ruthless they were and always stated how commited he was.

Lol go fly to Sweden and keep on licking that tip 8=========D

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I'm sorry but the first part of your statement is flawed. The rest I agree with though.

One player cannot lead a team deep into the playoffs alone. I'm sorry but hockey's a team game and no one player can win you the cup. Ovechkin leads the playoffs in points and yet he cant get his team deep either... You need more than 1 man. And for those who love using the excuse "Linden was amazing, he led us to the finals" thats BS. Linden had Bure and Mclean among others. Naslund had Cloutier...

Of course that's true. Capitals only go if Ovechkin goes. Their whole team is balanced around him. What happened to Mike Green? What happened to Backstrom and Semin? Next. The Canucks back then were not built around ONE player. That's the difference. Here is their leader even though he doesn't have their C. Everyone in the locker room knows it. Who do reporters go to more when the game is set and done?

Chris Clark or Alex Ovechkin?

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We probably would've traded down 7 or 8 picks and had another 3rd round pick or even 2nd round pick.

If Schroeder hadn't fallen, it probably wouldn't have been such a bad thing.

I'm quite happy how it turned out.

Hard to say. If Schroeder wasn't available, there also is the chance that Moore could have dropped down to us. Erixon was picked at 27 too.

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Hard to say. If Schroeder wasn't available, there also is the chance that Moore could have dropped down to us. Erixon was picked at 27 too.

(Erixon was pick 23rd, not a big deal, just saying)

Yeah, there's a lot of what ifs. I'm just basing a lot on this:

I think everyone's happy today, Schroeder dropping to the point where we could select him, we had Rodin in the first round so to get him in the second round late was a strong pick, we believe," Gillis said. "We're really pleased with what we did."

We'll never know for sure, though.

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It's funny that there is.

Still can't find anything on Anton Rodin. But if you say there is than I'll keep looking. I'm new to this message board but i'm a die hard Canucks Fan and I'm hard up for hockey in these Dog Days of summer

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Just because you haven't...

Me too man.

Anything behind that or just instincts? This guy was going to be drafted in the first round by Mike Gillis, the GM who's been pulling steals out of his ying-yang. He's a high-energy winger who can also put up pretty goals. He's fast. If he puts on 15-20 pounds there's no reason to think he'll be anything other than a great second line winger.

Thomas Gradin is high on him. Players that Gradin has had say in lately? The Sedin twins, Hansen (9th round) and Alex Edler (3rd round).

No I haven't but I'd love to be linked up to some video clips on Rodin and see his skating speed and his puck and stick handling. He's supposed to have a great shot as well. Dying to see him in action and Can't wait half a year till the world jrs. :(

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Since people are claiming there is footage of him on the net, can someone please post a link or two for the rest of us who have a little less time to search google

It's pretty hard to tell which one he is in this video, but he sets up for the GWG for sure. Beauty steal and pass.

I had another two stored somewhere, I'll try to find them later

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Naslund became a perimeter player in the playoffs and people will always remember that one play he made to Matt Cooke to try and justify him as a playoff performer but the truth is, that was the exception to the rule.

I agree with you that he didn't have a great supporting cast but he didn't do his own part either.

Now I remember why I had you on ignored users.

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i got this from pitseleh on HF boards. i think it originally came from Per on canucks central:


OK, since I live in Gävle, which is home of the SEL team Brynäs, I guess I have some sort of responsibility for reporting on Anton Rödin.

Brynäs played a friendly last night against Lugano, which is one of the better teams of the Swiss league.

The score ended 4-1 in Brynäs favour, and they also outshot the Swiss 27-14 or something.

Anton played on the second line, with Magnus Kahnberg and Jonathan Granström, and scored one goal, 3-1 (PP)which was important as Brynäs had been ahead 2-0, but the Swiss had just scored to make the game interesting again.

He had a good game and added a lot of energy to his line.

On a scale from one to six, where 6 = international top level, 5 = very good, 4 = good, 3 = OK, 2 = should be better and 1 = poor effort, Anton was the only player on the team given a 5 by the local paper, with all other Brynäs players receiving a 4 or a 3 and the team average being 3.47 for the game.

And I quote:

Anton Rödin was the best player on the ice in the premiere. Swift, strong and eager to play when he finally is getting some serious ice time on the team. If he can keep this up, many opposing D-men will have severe problems with him this winter.

Oh, and btw, Aebischer was tending goal for Lugano, so it was a pretty decent goalie he scored on.

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The only way we can see how good this guy COULD be in the NHL is to let him develop in the SEL.

He's a typical swede, a lot of skill, great shot, can't body check(YET)

the Swedes that are drafted need a couple of years in the SEL to get mentaly ready and physicaly ready for the NHL

Victor Hedman is an exception who scored his first goal in the SEL when he was just 16 that's one year older than me.

Anton Rödin WILL be a great PP player and will play something like a Markus Naslund or a Daniel Alfredsson which is very promising. I believe he had 139 points in 57 game or so in the swedish Jr. league.

I know for sure that this guy will turn out into a 2nd or 1st liner in the future hopefully

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From Brynas Game Summary - 1st Exhibition game

\"Målprotokollet shows that it was the young players who were ahead of tonight. Brynäsarna såg överlag pigga ut, kanske piggare än man brukar vara så tidigt på säsongen. Brynäs shares saw overall fit out, perhaps alert than you used to be so early in the season. Anton Rödin, som välförtjänt fick pris som bäste Brynässpelare, var riktigt het men också Jacob Silfverberg hade bra tempo. Anton Rodin, who received well-deserved price Brynäs best player, was really hot but also Jacob Silfverberg had good tempo. Simon Bertilsson och Simon Löf började något svagare men spelade upp sig. Simon Bertilsson and Simon Löf started slightly weaker but played up.

oops, translation didnt come with it.

It should also be noted that Rodin wears #18 for Brynas.


Next game is Tuesday vs. Mora IK

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