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The I want to date Brilac thread


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17 hours ago, Qwags said:

@Apricot, any advice on dating?


Well, one of the main reasons I fell in love with my fiance was because of eye contact. On our first date, whenever I was talking all he did was look into my eyes. It showed to me that he was listening to what I was saying, that he was interested in what I was saying. He still does that, and so do I. Some people might not get the eye contact thing, I know a few friends who think its weird when someone is looking into their eyes when they're talking. But I consider that to be a good thing, shows that you have interest in the person. Other advice, lets see. Be yourself, try new things with them, don't go out of your way to make it look like you're a perfect person. No one is perfect, everyone is flawed. Learn to let things go, small arguments are not worth the time or energy. And a spoiler from me to you, that I'm sure you and every single guy and girl knows, but just a reminder:


When we say we're fine, we are 100% not fine. Remember that, it comes in handy sometimes. ;)


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