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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks VS Calgary Flames, Jan 7, 7 pm


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Tanev back please.


Hopefully the Flames will be nearly as tired in this play and travel back to back - with Brodie playing 27 minutes, Gio 23, Wideman and Hamilton 22 tonight...


Hope that shortening their blueline might cost them some a bit of jump as well with Edler, Sbisa et al having to step up in Tanev's absence.


Anyhow, it's all gravy at this point - 7 would be pretty sweet.

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Flames forwards really demonstrating their speed and skill....Canuck D is strong in unison with elite goaltending...They both cancel each other out..IMO


We won last night,but another performance like that will sink the Canucks...The forwards are going to have to generate a lot more sustained pressure..If we wind up spending 80% of the time in our own end,there's going to be a long march of players limping off the ice.


Even if the Canucks lose,I'm fine with a split series....provided they put in the effort.

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2 hours ago, Hortankin said:

7 in a row would be great but I feel like the Flames are going to rebound from tonight's loss. I'm going to say 3-2 Flames.. really hope I'm wrong.


Unless Tanev plays because we are now 10-2-1 with both Edler and Tanev in the lineup!


I like seeing that 2-1 stay the same for the last week. I also love the look of 10-2-1 as compared to 4-2-1. Wtg boys! Here's to 7 in a row!

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Gotta hope for a goal by at least one of Baertschi or Granlund, if not both. Especially in their barn. :lol:


Hopefully the boys can keep the streak going!


I mean, technically, tomorrow should be a bounce back game. Since, realistically, Friday's win was a bad game. Miller just stole it for us. :)


You know those Flames fans would hate to lose to us back to back.

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2 hours ago, Nicklas Bo Hunter said:

really don't understand the Megna love Willie has.... 


He gives the sedins two things: puck support+helping with the defensive responsibilities  and is good at puck retrieval using his speed. 


Now their offensive zone play has been tough to watch. You would think one person on that line would shoot instead of making so many cute passes. They don't drive the net much either, and they are not able to dangle 1v1 to create opportunities. They really have to step it up.

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