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Reid Boucher/Anton Rodin


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So let me get this straight, we bring in 2 players who are supposed to help make this team better and yet neither of them play...? Like seriously the team is struggling a bit to generate offence and yet we leave guys like Gaunce and Chaput in the lineup who I think both have 1 goal in a Canuck uniform?!

So we bring in Anton Rodin who was SEL MVP and all and yet he has to sit there and watch when he should be playing and getting comfortable in the NHL so he can help score, but WD gives him 2 shifts a period then gets mad at his mistakes...?! 

Next there's Reid Boucher, who supposedly has a terrific shot and could help the offence out probably, but yet we will never know but WD refuses to let him play and keeps him nice and warm in the press box... 

Let me know what you guys think of the situation 

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The 4th line hasn't put up great numbers, but they have played well.  Except for a few mistakes, they have generally generated chances and spent most their time in the O zone.  If you're gonna give someone's spot to Rodin/Boucher, make it Megna.  The guy is a plug.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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