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NHL unveils All-Star Game jerseys

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NHLers will be taking the ice in style at the All-Star Game later in January.


The league unveiled the four jerseys that the four teams representing each division will wear in the second running of the 3-on-3 tournament.


With the Los Angeles Kings acting as hosts, the Pacific Division will don the black-and-gray versions. The Atlantic Division will dress in gold, the Central Division will sport purple, and the Metropolitan Division will suit up in white and gray.


The jerseys will help pay homage to the league's 100-year anniversary, according to the league:


Each jersey features a band of stars that is reminiscent of the uniforms worn in NHL All-Star Games from 1989-91. Each of the 10 stars represents a decade in the 100-year history of the League. Four stars on the socks represent the four divisions in the NHL today.


The tournament kicks off Sunday, Jan. 29 following Saturday's skills competition.


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Not bad overall, nothing too flashy and not completely mundane either. I like the idea of the colors matching the host cities jersey color(LAs home and away are white and black while their 3rd jersey is purple with a yellow crown) however I have a feeling that purple one might be hard on the eyes when it comes to game time.

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7 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

That's actually the only one of those I like. The league needs more colour.


I suppose if it were up to me I'd be like Henry Ford, you can have any colour you like as long as its black. 

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Every year it's the same thing....the entire capacity of the NHL's in-house marketing/design/business departments as well as any sub-contractors they hire have years to think/design these uniforms and this is what they come up with...... it's just 'meh'. 

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