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[Proposal] Moves to build a 2018-2019 championship quality team

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7 hours ago, underrated said:

I mentioned in a previous proposal that I think Benning and Linden's plan is to compete for the cup one more time before the Sedins retire.  Thus, I think we are really aiming for a roster to compete in 2018 and 2019, when the Sedins are our second line.


To do that, our needs are young top line scoring wingers and a young true #1 workhorse defenseman.


I'm assuming these proposals people will react to, because I'm trading players we like (Hutton, Virtanen, 1st rounder, Tanev, Baertschi), rather than just what's regularly suggested.  But you have to give value to get value.



Trade: Chris Tanev for David Pastrnak

Why: Boston has long been searching for a right hand defenseman, and was interested in Trouba.  They won't want to give up Pastrnak, who is only 20 and has been amazing already.  However guys like Tanev are the top commodity these days on the market.  Both teams are sad to see their beloved player go and both markets might complain about this deal, but this trade helps both teams with their needs.  Tanev becomes the solid rock d-man to help anchor Boston now that Chara isn't who he used to be.  Pastrnak then slots in beside Horvat long term on the right wing.  This deal may need to grow, adding a young winger like Rodin going to them, and a piece coming back our way.

Boston has 3.45 million in cap space so they could just make it work after taking Pastrnak's contract off the books.


Trade: Hutton and Baertschi for Landeskog

Why: The Canucks get a top line young left winger to put with Pastrnak and Horvat as our long time top line for the future.  WCE2?  Colorado gets a young left handed solid defenseman and a young left winger to replace Landeskog.



I'm not sure they would part with him no matter what the package thrown at them is, but I would try to throw the entire franchise at Florida for Aaron Ekblad.  They've had tons of transition in the front office, so maybe Tallon won't do this after getting reinstated, but make a significant offer like: Edler, Hansen, Virtanen & 2017 1st round pick for Ekblad .  It's both quantity and quality in a package (two good current assets, two good future assets for one elite current/future piece).  It may be an overpayment but to get one of the top players for the next 15 years is worth it.


Trade Sbisa, Burrows, Miller for draft picks at deadline

Free Agent: Sign BC Boy steady defensive defenseman Karl Alzner 4 years at 5.5-6 million per year.


Long term roster (aiming at 2018/2019 cup runs)

Landeskog - Horvat - Pastrnak 

Sedin - Sedin - Boeser

Eriksson - Cassels - Sutter

Rodin - Gaunce - Granlund

Alzner - Ekblad

Juolevi - Gudbransson

Tryamkin - Stecher

Minors: Subban, Pedan




We should be able to fit under the cap, especially with Miller gone, Sedins on smaller contracts in 2018, and ELC on Boeser, Juolevi and Demko, but if not then find a way to buy out or trade Eriksson's contract.


Offense: This team has both top line talent and great depth.  The Sedin's slot in on the second line (on cheaper contracts in 2018).  If Eriksson turns it around, our third line could be very dangerous as well.  Players on all four lines could move up and down the roster as they all have the talent to play on a top two line.

Defense: Again we have top end talent (Alzner, Ekblad, Juolevi) and great depth.

Goalie: Either guy could be a #1 at this point.  Depends on Demko's development.


In 2-3 years time with those young players developing, that's a cup worthy team.

Love the thinking behind it but I think JB would rather grow our own players than try to get those top guys.


1) Pastrnak is on pace for 40 goals this season. He's a beast of a scorer and he's only 20. May be the next big thing. Tanev doesn't produce offence, isn't a sexy player or flashy at all and is getting older. If we're trying to work something similar to Hall for Larsen type trade I think we need to give more.


Tanev + Virtanen for Pastrnak would be a bit fairer. We have to be able to somewhat replace that crazy offence the kid is producing for Boston.



2) I'd rather keep Baertschi to be honest than go for Landeskog. Sure he's the whole package but I wouldn't want to trade away Hutton if we've just given away our best defenceman.


3) Ekblad is one of the few untouchable players in the NHL right now, don't even bother.



So essentially, we want a top scorer and/or top defenceman. I say we keep Hutton, Stecher, Juolevi and go for that winger or ideally a center. If you want one of Landeskog or Pastrnak I think it'll cost us Tanev + Virtanen at least. Maybe even a pick for Pastrnak, that kid has been unreal and consistent too. It's rare you get a top defenceman, I think we'd be better off trading up for a top-3 pick to land Liljegren or Hischier or Patrick to get that #1 center or #1 defenceman.

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I like the thought process for sure...and the trade values seem close. Only problem is the exposure left on our backend if the deal with FLA falls short (which I suspect it would).

1/ It might be safer to do a bigger deal with Colorado (Tanev, Hutton, Baertschi, CBJ 2nd for Landeskog and Barrie)...I think there's a few players on both teams that just might benefit from a change of scenery.

2/ If a F/A deal can't be struck this off season to bring in the top line winger (Pasternak, Toffoli, Niederreiter, Palat or Oshie) then we could ride out Eriksson for a year and continue to build next year (do it step by step).

3/ To address the other top Dman needed to pair with Barrie, well that one might be tough. Might have to ride out Edler until Olli is ready to take a top pairing job.


Overall it's a good plan...props for a well thought out proposal (ignore the nay-sayers...they shoot down EVERY proposal...if they were NHL GMs then no player would EVER get traded).


SIDENOTE: And I don't agree that Ekblad is untouchable (ie/ if TML develop or trade for a top centre then a Matthews for Ekblad deal would be possible and even reasonable)...so never say never...more like highly unlikely.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone.


Some thoughts based on your responses.


I agree with you that guys like Pastrnak and Ekblad don't come cheap.  As one poster commented, the Tanev for Pastrnak deal is along the same lines of the value Larsson, Yandle, Hamilton and Jones got.  While Tanev is a different player, those four deals show the high value of defensemen in their prime right now.  Pastrnak is good, but I hold that this is fair value that helps both teams.  If we add Virtanen, as one person suggested, then we'd need another significant piece coming back our way.  Otherwise we overpay IMO.

For Ekblad, in the original post I mentioned how its entirely possible that he is completely untouchable from Florida's perspective (unless of course McDavid was offered). With that said, I don't think my proposal was simply quantity for quality, as some suggested.  What I offered is a top two defenseman, a solid second/third line winger, a 6th overall pick in Virtanen and a first round pick that will likely fall in the top ten.  Those are four significant assets.  While these trades are rare, they can happen (ie Lindros).  I'm not saying they would necessarily do it, but if I was Benning, I'd try and offer just about anything for him. 

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