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[Proposal] Lazar from Ottawa?

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6 hours ago, Provost said:

Learn to move contrary to the herd... 


If we can pick up assets at a deep discount because of teams worrying about losing them for nothing, then we can easily come out ahead.


We can only lose one player to expansion.  At the moment it will most likely be one of Granlund, Baertschi, Sutter, Sbisa, or Gudbranson.


If we can get 2-3 similar players in on the cheap, then we have automatic replacements and then some.  Then when the dust settles and a bunch of teams are looking to fill some open roster spots because they got rid of them in anticipation of the expansion draft, or actually lost them in the draft... we also may have an extra couple and then the asking price is at a premium.

It is a way for us to improve the bottom half of our lineup from guys like Megna, Skille, Chaput, and Gaunce.

If it's for a crazy discount then ya load up on depth for minor leaguers, 3rd and 4th picks but if it's anything higher than you risking a huge loss

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