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Hopefully this is in the correct section and I apologize for the minor spam, however, you seem to have an amazing fan base whom seem to love fantasy hockey. Always a few who love the fantasy/simulation side to it and I may have something you'd be super interested in (creating your own player in a simulation rather than being a GM).

Love hockey? Catch it every night your team plays? Looking for a place to chat about anything - including HOCKEY. The Victory Hockey League is the place for you. Making our way into our 53rd season and counting, you will create your own player - pick everything from where you're born, the date, your height and weight, your name and everything. You become whoever and whatever you wish to become and enter the VHLM (minor league). From there, you earn your stripes, prove your name and enter the big leagues Draft (VHL). Write Media Articles, create Graphics or perform other weekly tasks to earn points that you will then add to your player and build him or her the way you want!


Ready to sign your first major deal? Choose whether you wish to remain loyal or test free agency? Interact with countless members, enjoy the sim and BUILD your superstar!  Break records, make a name for yourself and most importantly, chase the cup.


The VHL wants you to be apart of our league and community. Come live out your dream or kill time and become the biggest hockey legend the VHL has ever seen.



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