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Petition the Canucks - Henrik wants a Viking Clap to celebrate his 1000th point!


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35 minutes ago, 250Integra said:

A lot of people seem pretty certain he will get his 1000th point tomorrow night...

Well considering those in attendance tomorrow are paying part of Luongo's contract still the least Lu could do is see his way to letting Henrik put one past him :lol:

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9 hours ago, bertuzzi4eva said:

You know .... Vancouver has started a couple fan things over the years, making popular the wave ( Whitecaps) And the ever popular TOWEL ! God Bless Roger Nielson!

I like this. I never have been a Sedin fan yet I will happily acknowledge their contributions to the team. Give them this ! Why ask the team? do it through social media ! Git er dun!

I totally agree. However I was simply saying you can't really force these sorts of things. The towel for example grew organically. While I would love to see something like the viking clap be a tradition, you can't just force it. You can't go "we're going to do the viking clap now, its our thing, its part of the team's culture because we said so."

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It could happen spontaneously (not with Fin or someone jumping on the ice to lead it) through the crowd, or maybe when they pause to acknowledge Henrik hitting 1000 during a pause in play but I'd think it'd work well if they do the 1000pt ceremony pre-game. I think they do those like they do with the 1000 game silver stick?

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