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1000 PTS. Are U Kidding Me...


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The Sedin twins will forever go down as huge under-appreciated stars in the league by fan standards. When I talk to fans from other cities, man, I sometimes think they live on another planet. But the players, coaches, GMs, and hopefully us, will continue to give them the respect they deserve. 


I still wouldn't be surprised if Benning found a way to get a young scorer like Duchene to still give them a chance at another playoff run and maintaining the youth movement.

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On 2017-01-21 at 11:27 AM, NewbieCanuckFan said:

His brother should soon join him in the 1000 point club.


Two HHOFers (though they might not get in on the first opportunity given the limited slots available each year).


Don't bother quoting players such as Doctor Recchi (who has 1500 points) & isn't in the HHOF.  Recchi was a quality player but his numbers were inflated by playing a number of seasons NOT in the 'dead puck era'.  Look at Bernie Nicholls as another example of a player playing in a era where their point totals were inflated.


Both Recchi and Nicholls aren't people I would be listing.  Nicholls is underrated, and he scored more points in a season with Gretzky than was ever accomplished by Kurri, Messier, Coffey, Anderson or anyone else.  He's one of only five players to ever score 150 points in a season.  People in his era that never accomplished that: Stastny, Savard, Goulet, Hawerchuk, Messier, Coffey, Kurri, Ciccarelli, Gartner, Bossy, Trottier, LaFontaine, etc...


And Recchi can't hear the critics with his three Stanley Cup rings in his ears.

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14 hours ago, Kevin Biestra said:

And Recchi can't hear the critics with his three Stanley Cup rings in his ears.

Critics?  I even said in the post you from me that he was a quality player.

I just felt his points were inflated at least in part due to the era where part of his career was in.  I should've also said though he'd still be in the 1000+ point club even if you factor that out.  

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On 1/20/2017 at 8:42 PM, hearditall said:

Keeping this short cause these guys speak for themselves.


I've watched all three Stanley Cup Runs so I'm old enough & seen enough of this team to say this:

The Sedins are hands down the 2 best ALL AROUND  PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES this city has ever seen.


CONGRATS to HENRIK SEDIN on an amazing achievement & all the amazing memorable MAGICIAN like plays & many more to come...

True Athlete, Captain & CANUCK...Respect.  :towel:




I think Lori Fung might be a nod above.

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6 hours ago, CanadianRugby said:

I don't know why, but I'm really disappointed about the lack of Viking clap for Sedin. Anyone else this upset about it?  From the provies:



Twitter link is to: 


I don't think Henrik wanted a Viking clap for himself.  From the Daily Hive:


Daily Hive has learned that Henrik Sedin told a member of the Canucks front office prior to this season that he would welcome the Viking Clap at Rogers Arena. The conversation was in regards to ways the team could salute their fans, in lieu of the centre ice stick raise the team currently does.


Well here’s an idea, let’s use the Viking Clap to salute Henrik.

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