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(Discussion/proposal) NYI and NUCKS

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I know rumors aren't much to go off of but apparently Canucks and the islanders were talking trade. 


Him benning has said he is willing to make a trade if the deal makes sense to them.



Edler: won't go just like the Sedins won't go, he's with us for the long hall. Plus he wouldn't waive for NYI


Tanev: benning said they won't trade Tanev and honestly with Edler and Tanev in the lineup we r hard to beat


Stecher: untouchable 


Gudbranson: just traded for him So I don't see him going 


Sbisa: with his great play I see him as a moveable piece 


Tryamkin: untouchable


Hutton: I think we should keep him but judging by the rest of the team's good play and juolevi, he might be available. Plus he wasn't drafted by benning and if past traded suggest anything he might be on his way out. Again I don't want this


Biega: you'll get nothing for him let's be real LOL 




So from above and remembering preseason lines I think the Canucks know what they want for next season. 


At training camp they had

Edler stecher 

Juolevi tanev

Hutton Gudbranson 


We all know how stubborn willie is with sticking to lines and we ve see Edler and stech stick. Plus the emergence of nikita tryamkin may take huttons spot. Sooo....



These are my proposals because Canucks are looking for young players. 


Potential players of interest for benning might be...


Anders Lee 6'3 228ibs 26yo I could see it 

Anthony beauvillier very talented

Shane Prince not worth it 




So what could possible trades be...

(I won't add picks because those are hard to call but you'll get the idea) 



To canucks 

Anders Lee 



Luca Sbisa 



Or and this one will hurt our feelings cuz we can't see that special smile. but be really cool if beauvillier developes right.


To canucks 

Anthony beauvillier 



Ben Hutton 






In my opinion I prefer to trade Sbisa cuz it's better to get someone for him then to get nothing when Vegas takes him.



Plus anders lee is meat and potato guy



Anthony beauvillier could potentially turn into a 1st line lw tho. 

We could potentially have a future top line of beauvillier horvat boeser. 




So what do u guys think they could have been chatting about? 


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Both those trades are viable.  I wonder if Benning is prepping the public for a move like one of these as part of his Vegas expansion strategy.   Overall I think we will see quite a bit of minor trade action in the league before the deadline and side deals made with the Knights.

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I like Hutton but if we could move him for a top line forward thats hard to pass up. He was just given a contact... and its a really good one and would be seen as an asset in a trade. 


Folks who watch the Canucks regularly know how good Sbisa has been... i just don't know how other team view him or how highly they would rate him. Benning might have to retain a bit of salary in the right deal but that would be ok. 

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Would love to get Lee. How do you propose we protect him? 


Anthony Beauvillier deal seems good though. Especially with them exposing so many good D. De Haan, Hickey, etc having Hutton exempt might entice them just as having AB exempt would entice us as were likely to loose a talented middle 6 LW. 


Sorry I can't seem to make this stupid bar *vvvv* go away I was trying to post something and it just looked terrible.

  22 D $605,000 RFA (2017)  
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I feel players like Anders would be an excellent guy to acquire as the Twins' running mate for the short term.  Size, scoring garbage goals and offering a presence in front of the net and middle of the ice are attributes that a PP complement should have IMO.  

Thing is though, do the Islanders need Sbisa?  I haven't been following them very much.  As well, if we keep and protect Anders we might risk losing Granny or Sven which won't be the best option for the future.  Wonder if we could trade Hutton for a similar, expansion-exempt forward (someone of the Brayden Schenn ilk, who can play center or wing)?  I'm not familiar with Beauvillier but if we could get a young P.F. (e.g. Crouse?) that would be great.

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