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[Proposal] Van - Buffalo

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LW - Marcus Foligno for RD- Chris Tanev


2017 Playoff Team


Sedin Sedin Erikkson

Beartchi Horvat Grandlund 

Foligno Sutter Magna

Burrows Chaput Skille 

Guance Valk Grenier/ Virtanen 


Edler Stetcher

Sbisa Tyramkin

Hutton Biega

Pedan Subban





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Ugh, I love Foligno...  but for Tanev, I'd want +prospect + pick....


otherwise, this doesn't even make us close to being better...





Honestly, I wouldn't mind if we keep Tanev forever and retire his # in the ROH

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Value is off for what we'd want and Buffalo doesn't need another higher cap hit defenceman on the right side. They won't be able to offload Bogosian at his cap hit and don't really want to skew their cap by pushing a guy making that much to the 3rd pairing.

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This is a terrible trade, foligno is garbage and he'll be a career third liner.


So help me make sense of this, foligno 3rd liner for Tanev 2-3 defenceman on a good team. 



No way unless evander Kane and a 1st is coming out way and that won't happen. And that's ok cuz our team only wins with Tanev 

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6 hours ago, Eastcoast meets Westcoast said:

If JB is moving Tanev we need a much better return.  I would do Foligno for Sbisa.  Add on our side if needed.  Not for Tanev. 





Why would we add there??? 


Foligno is clearly overrated on the forum he's 3rd liner at best so relax. Sbisa finally looks like a top 4 defenceman 


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5 hours ago, Sygvard said:



Now you REALLY need to put tags on. Once the mods smell blood and start swarming like this, it can become a bloodbath. I once saw them eat a guy whole. 

Hehe. I suspect VC just put the tag on without checking to see if it had been done already.

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