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Gudbranson VS Tryamkin Poll

Sean Avery

Gudbranson VS Tryamkin Poll  

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For me, this season, it's Gudbranson.


Tram is still a  work in progress. He is learning, but still isn't processing data at the NHL speed of play.  Too many icings. Too often turning into danger (maybe learned that from his stints in the press box watching Hutton), Holds on to the puck too long at times.


Will he overtake Guddy... yes. Might never be as good as Chara, but is better at age 22 than the big man was at that age. Both great 3rd round picks, though (Tram and Chara).

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We have some good options right now on d which is a lot better than hoping in bartowski to contribute. 








Sbisa gone in the expansion draft leaving us all our forwards intact. Letting Juolevi be sheltered on the third pair with a big vet to keep him accountable and not let anyone take cheap shots at him. 









Let Burrows move on to the next two young guns to whip into shape. Would be fun to watch. Fight for a wildcard spot and keep maturing. Pick up someone offensively skilled in the draft and let them develop without pressure. 

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Yeah i would,  ther'd have to be a few rules in place first,

 like no shots outside the blueline.  But take a minute and imagine the matchups you could create.  

     Hòrvat vs Burns,  or laine vs toews for example.  Best 2 out of 3.  Ovechkin vs crosby, or  matthews vs mcdavid, you could sell that $&!# all day long.

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12 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

I like Tryamkin... not because he is a better defenseman right now, but because of what he could be.


I also think Gudbranson is underrated by the vast majority of commentators.


He should remain a part of this team... he adds much needed toughness... Canucks need more than one big defenseman and Pedan is not there yet.

Can you imagine next season with Try, Gud and Pedan in the lineup JB isnt gonna trade or lose any of these 3 and next years D looks pretty dang tough. No Biega no Larsen hopefully somehow save Sbisa. 

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I think the vs. should be replaced to a w/.


Because honestly I think this will be a pairing next year..... call it whatever # you want 1st / 2nd / 3rd, but I think the defense, pending an unexpected trade shapes up to be:


Edler-Stecher (we're seeing this one already)

Hutton-Tanev (has been used before this year; steady pair; not that physical however)

Tryamkin-Gudranson (big; tough; physical pairing that could be a shutdown pairing)


*Sbisa traded or taken in expansion draft.


Extra LD: Unknown at this time [I think Juolevi spends one more year in Junior, even though the AHL would be preferable]

Extra RD: Biega


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Been a while since I posted this topic, but I think everyone was sort of confused with what I meant. Yes they're both good in different ways and yes keeping both would be the best choice, but what I meant was "Which one do you all like more and which one you would get rid of if you HAD to choose." Also, the reason why I compared both of them is because they're both big, physical, defensive defenseman and yes they might have different styles of play and traits, but overall they're still both big, physical, defensive defenseman.

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