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[GDT] 2017 NHL All-Star Skills Competition

2017 NHL All-Star Skills Competition   

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Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017.
Time: 4 pm PT
TV: NBC Sports Network (USA), CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports (Canada)


Skills Challenge Relay

This timed relay event incorporates all types of hockey skills. Seven skaters and one goalie from each team will participate. There are five elements to this event: one timers, puck control, stick-handling, goalie goals and puck control. Each skill must be completed before moving on to the next challenge, however there’s a 30-second time limit for one timers and goalie goals and a 45-second maximum for the passing section of the relay.


Central Division vs. Pacific Division
One Timers: Keith, Suter, Tarasenko vs. Pavelski, Kesler, Carter
Passer: MacKinnon vs. Horvat
Passing: Toews vs. Doughty
Puck Control: Seguin vs. Fowler
Stick-Handling: Kane vs. Gaudreau
Goalie Goals: Dubnyk vs. Smith


Atlantic Division vs. Metropolitan Division
One Timers: Karlsson, Trocheck, Okposo vs. S. Jones, Ovechkin, Simmonds
Passer: Hedman vs. McDonagh
Passing: Nielsen vs. Tavares
Puck Control: Marchand vs. Faulk
Stick-Handling: Matthews vs. Crosby
Goalie Goals Price vs. Holtby


Points Available: 3 - The team with the fastest time in each heat gets one point and the team with the fastest overall time scores a bonus point.




Four Line Challenge

Four shooters from each team stand at four different spots on the ice – one at the blue line closest to the net, one at centre ice, one at the far blue line and one at the goal line. Each player gets two pucks. The first shooter aims for the top corners (one point per successful attempt), the shooter from centre ice aims for any of the four corners (one point for bottom corners, two for top corners), the player at the far blue line goes for the four corners or five hole (one point for corners or five hole, five points for top corners), and finally the player at the goal line aims for the five hole (worth 10 points). The final shooter can be a goalie, but it’s up to the team captain. If a goalie scores it’s worth 20 points.


Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central, Pacific
Shooter 1: Kucherov, McDonagh, Suter, Pavelski
Shooter 2: Karlsson, Simmonds, Seguin, Burns
Shooter 3: Trocheck, Hall, Subban, Kesler
Shooter 4: Weber, S. Jones, MacKinnon, Horvat


Points Available: 1 – The team with the most points scores one point. Simple enough.




Accuracy Shooting

Each team has two shooters and two passers. It’ll consist of four head-to-head match-ups (Pacific Division vs. Central Division and Atlantic Division vs. Metropolitan Division again). There are four targets, all 15 inches in diameter, positioned in each corner of the net. Teams will be at opposite ends of the rink, alternating attempts. The first shooter to hit all four targets wins.


Atlantic Division vs. Metropolitan Division
Okposo vs. Tavares
Matthews vs. Crosby


Central Division vs. Pacific Division
Laine vs. McDavid
Kane vs. Carter


Points Available: 6 – The winner of each matchup gets one point for his team.The player who hits all four targets in the fastest time gets a bonus point.




Fastest Skater

Players from each team will face off against an opponent in a two-skater race around half the rink split lengthways. Players from the Pacific Division will skate against players from the Central Division while the Atlantic Division skates opposite the Metropolitan Division. If a race ends in a tie, each of the teams will be awarded one point. The fastest skater in the head-to-head matchups will skate a full lap of the outside border of the rink in an attempt to break Dylan Larkin’s record of 13.172 seconds that was set in 2016. If two skaters tie for the fastest overall time, both skaters will attempt to break the record.


Atlantic Division vs. Metropolitan Division
Marchand vs. Atkinson
Kucherov vs. Hall


Central Division vs. Pacific Division
Tarasenko vs. Horvat
MacKinnon vs. McDavid


Points Available: 6 – Each matchup is worth one point and the team with the fastest skater scores a bonus point. If the fastest skater breaks Larkin’s record they'll be awarded an additional point.





Hardest Shot

Grip it and rip it. This is always the most anticipated annual skill competition event. Two shooters from each team test their slap shot power in head-to-head matchups. Each player attempts two shots with the puck placed 30 feet from the net. Each shot is tracked and the highest speed of their two shots recorded. Zdeno Chara holds the record at 108.8 mph.


Atlantic Division vs. Metropolitan Division
Hedman vs. S. Jones
Weber vs. Ovechkin


Central Division vs. Pacific Division
Laine vs. Burns
Subban vs. Doughty


Points Available: 6 – The winner of each matchup gets one point. The team with the player who has the hardest shot gets a point. If anyone breaks Chara’s record their team gets a bonus point.





Since the skills competition format changed from two teams to four teams the shootout event was modified. Here’s the league's description of the event:


“Nine skaters and two goaltenders from each of the top-scoring teams from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference will participate. Captains of respective teams will choose one additional skater from the other team in their conference. The scoreboard will be reset to 0-0 prior to the start of the Discover NHL ShootoutTM. Goals scored count as one point. The captains’ selections from the losing teams will be designated Discover puck players, and goals scored by these players will count as two points. Goalies will switch after every five shooters. NHL shootout rules apply to each scoring attempt. If the teams are tied after 10 shooters, the shootout will continue in a sudden death format until a winner is determined. The Captains will select their next shooter before each shot. Players are eligible to shoot multiple times, without restriction.”


Will be decided during event.


Points Available: One point for every goal scored and two points for every goal scored with a Discover puck.



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39 minutes ago, Bur14Kes17 said:

Bo's going to surprise a lot of people in the fastest skater competition. Remember that goal against Arizona when he blew through two coyotes players?

Remember when he made Hudler or whoever it was look like a pylon in the playoffs a couple years ago? I'm so pumped to see Bo tonight. 

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2 minutes ago, Odd. said:

There's the NHL celebrity scrimmage/shoot out right now which also consists former and current nhl players. they're live streaming it on the NHL facebook page

After watching this I take an unreasonable amount of pride in knowing I'm a better hockey player than Bieber.

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