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(Poll) What channel are you watching the Superbowl on? - CRTC ruling on US ads

Tre Mac

What channel are you watching the big game on?  

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TORONTO — Canada’s broadcast regulator has officially changed its rules to prevent broadcasters from swapping out U.S. commercials for local ads during the Super Bowl despite an ongoing legal dispute over its right to block Canadian advertising during the country’s most-watched television event.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued a distribution order Friday to stop simultaneous substitution during the National Football League championship event as of 2017. Simsub, as it’s known, temporarily replaces the signal of an American channel rebroadcast in Canada with a local channel showing the same program and is used to show local commercials.

This could mean Canadians will be able to watch U.S. ads — the CRTC dubbed these an “integral element of the event” — during the Super Bowl for the first time next year. The CRTC first announced plans to get rid of simsub during the Super Bowl in 2015 citing consumers’ desire to see the flashier American ads. The rule only applies to rebroadcasts of U.S. stations, so Canadian stations playing the event can continue to play Canadian ads.


So we finally get to see US ads during the big game.  For me it's not as much as I want to see those ads as it is being inundated with the repetitive Canadian ads and promo's for crappy Canadian shows I would never watch.  Plus I hate Bell for their horrible customer service and increasingly painful sports media coverage so anything that hurts their profit margin I am all for.  Of coarse today I was tremendously annoyed with the Sekeres and Price show citing this was the reason for layoffs from Bell.  




From my understanding this year CTV will run it's own ads on the Canadian channels (CTV, CTV, TSN2, TSN3, etc.) and American fox channels will show their ads un touched.  Thoughts?  A lot of resistance to this from US senators and the like, not sure I understand why they would care so much(NAFTA?).  Trump is also aware of this but I am guessing he has bigger things on his plate right now. 


I apologize if this thread is redundant but thought it might warrant a bit of a discussion.  Also added the question regarding the CRTC and radio content. 

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Got bad news for those hoping the Falcons will win, but I digress.


Anywho Sekeres and Price still whining today about this, saying it takes a certain kind of person to call up the CRTC and complain lol.  I hope they're next on the chopping block.  Anything that takes away from Bell's bottom line is a good thing.

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The Canadian broadcaster of Sunday's U.S. National Football League's Super Bowl game said its ratings fell 39% from last year after a broadcast regulator ruled it could no longer substitute its commercials into U.S. feeds available in the country.

Bell Media, part of BCE, said the game attracted an average audience of 4.47 million viewers across three of its main channels, compared with 7.32 million last year, when the game was only shown on its CTV channel.




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