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[Mafia] Metempsychosis & Palingenesis

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This game is all about cycles: harmonic cycles, the cycle of rebirth, Vico's cyclical theory of history, circles of all shapes and sizes (we don't discriminate here), mathematical cycles, bicycles (and tricycles (not unicycles)), cycles in baseball, and stuff like that.


I haven't thought out roles yet, but I will probably keep the game pretty close to vanilla with maybe just a little bit of seasoning added for fun (or maybe not)--I promise nothing gamebreaking will be included, but one or two people might get a nifty role depending on how many people sign up or how creative I'm feeling. The mafia will amount to 1/3 of the total players, rounded down instead of up (or up instead of down maybe--I don't remember which one we're supposed to do and will make a last-minute choice here). There will be no third party roles. I'll figure other details out later.


Standard rules apply and will be enforced. Players are allowed to edit their posts, although votes will only be considered valid if the post is left unaltered after it is made.

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