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MacIntyre’s thoughts: Up with Hansen, down with Larsen


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9 hours ago, canuktravella said:

  maybe benning leaves sutter  available over hansen  baertchi granny

sutter is a decent center  could see  vegas biting on  him available 

or trade hansen go with youth 


 protect sedins eriksson hansen baertchi granlund  horvat 7 f


trade tanev to highest bidder

          protect guddy edler sbisa

Dorsett ntc and sbisa for vegas

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1 hour ago, WhoseTruckWasIt said:

This team keeps doing things that everyone criticizes that later work out.  Larsen's definitely not able to handle guys in front of the net, but it's possible that he can learn a few techniques to make up for it.  He came into a bit of a $hitshow with a mandate to get the PP on track, but if he can get comfortable I think that his speed on O-line work could be nice assets.  Biega was the reliable player that he should be known as, but I think we can safely give Larsen a shot.  To me it looks like a last look.

Every game matters this point on. I don't think we can afford to give him more look, whether it's a last look or not.


He came back to NHL without having improved on the aspect of the game that made him unfit for the NHL prior to his departure for the KHL.


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13 hours ago, Honky Cat said:

Looked to me like Biega and Tryamkin were looking pretty solid..why did Willie mess with that?...He's not doing Tryamkin any favours by pairing him with a pint sized liability.

There must be some other motive going on there. The alternative is that WD is a clueless limp wristed eunuch who has no idea wtf he's doing.

"I thought Larsen was real good tonight"


There HAS to be a reason why he would say something so monumentally STUPID.

Larsen was a DISASTER. Yeah he scored a fluky goal, finally. Yay. Other than that he was caught time after time after time just standing around looking at the puck behind Miller.

Say what you want about Biega but they call him Bulldog for a reason. The guy has JAM. He competes hard, and mistakes or not, he treats every shift like it's the last one in his career. That is the kind of guy you want on a team.

Not to mention, WD hesitates to "mess with a winning lineup" and refuses to play Boucher (REMEMBER HIM?????) or Rodin, but will pull a perfectly serviceable Biega who showed some chemistry with his partner, for a guy in Larsen who so far this season has shown NOTHING other than he's awesome at getting $#@ing leveled and concussed something proper.

Late to the party here, but that's how I see it. And i'm certainly not the only one.

People need to remember WD is not Scotty Bowman. He's still fresh cake in this league. The onus is on management to either reel the guy in when he's making decisions that make the entire organization look like a flaming turd, or fire him and get someone in there that won't. Period.  

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Biega > Larsen in my opinion on a bottom pairing with young D men. If you're playing Larsen it's gotta be with a vet.


This table shows expected goals and assists at 5v5 relative to passing data on Edler, Biega, and Larsen. Edler appears more than once since his numbers have been tracked over multiple years, where the others are only 1 year.





It's not even close.


Interesting note is that Larsen contributes way more danger zone shot assists than Biega where Biega actually has a much higher Danger Zone Shot rate. You can see that here:


Finally when we look at total shot contribution at 5v5 you can see how far ahead Edler is, but also how poor Larsen is at 5v5. If the sole reason is to have Larsen on the PP then he better make the PP a lot better than another player, because at 5v5 he's not providing much offense.







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7 minutes ago, nzan said:

Perhaps it wasn't primarily about Larsen...maybe WD wanted to get a look at if Tryamkin can still be reliable when paired with a dud?

He was asked about Larsen post-game and said he played pretty well.  Also said he wanted him in for the powerplay.

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18 hours ago, Alflives said:

I think so, on a rebuilding team for a fringe player.  Those roles should be filled by younger guys.  I like that we have Stecher, Tryamkin, and Hutton.  Maybe, Pedan should be playing ahead of Larsen?  

I agree and actually at some point I'd like to see 6'3 McEneny even he has 5 goals and is a very physical good stay at home defensemen.


In such a critical game after the break after a tough loss to Arizona against a contending team you just can't have guys like Edler and Larsen screwing up and putting your team down 2-0 when your team struggles as badly to score as the Canucks do.


Knowing WD's usual stupid roster choices although Larsen played like complete $&!# but scored a goal it might buy him 5 more games on the starting roster ugh


Also not having Boucher in for a game other than the one useless Megna was sick is also an absolute joke. Like I don't &^@#ing get what this fools thinking. The team struggles desperately to score goals and you play this useless Megna on the Sedins line no less and for far too long then he plays with Sutter line and pretty much makes them a non threat since hes been on it and plays on the pp!? And you have a skilled player like Boucher dying to get a chance who has roughly 30 points in a full NHL regular season!?!? Unbelievable I can't see how Benning isn't on to his stupidity and starting to really question what kind of fool he has coaching his team. WD makes so many errors it's hard to imagine Benning hasn't noticed.


At this point being an avid fan that sees this team as a team that could make the playoffs especially with some good moves here and there by a sharp minded coach it's hard to take. I've slowly grown to hate WD and can hardly stand him anymore his roster decisions, line combinations and players minutes played and at what critical times has been absolutely maddening to me.


WD turns out is about as stupid or more stupid than he sounds in his press conferences and how he looks behind the bench. Benning has got to get rid of this fool he's a WHL coach running an NHL team who's on the cusp of future success and failure they need better.

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Didn't Larsen lose his job out to Stecher earlier in the season? He looks so fragile out there I seriously fear he is going to get badly hurt out there......again!! As others have said he is farther down on the depth chart and Biega has worked his butt off to be ahead of him.

I am so tired of the "stand around and watch the puck" type players it makes it difficult to watch Canuck games lately. Larsen is that type of player and Biega is the "work hard every shift" type of player which is much more enjoyable to watch.

This team can be so much better with little tweaks here and there but good ol' WD does not believe in change unless your one of his "boys". The problem is that his "boys" SUCK!!!!!!!

Also think I prefer to keep Hansen over Granlund. The reason being is that Hansen has that "work hard every shift" mentality while I see granlund as a streaky player where he plays great one game and then disappears for a couple of games. Baert has more consistency and is noticeable even if he doesn't put any numbers on the board.

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10 hours ago, WhoseTruckWasIt said:

What's the problem with making Subban wait until next year?  They clearly have an idea about what he needs, not a hate-on or a blind spot.

Next year our top 6, if healthy, will be even harder to get playing time.







assuming sbisa is moved to make room for tryamkin so he's gone. Throw in the dark horse juolevi and you got too many D and not enough forwards pushing for jobs

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