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Larsen experiment has failed: Bring back the Bulldog


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I guess Benning wants to give his experiment with Larsen a few more games... but lets face it, the guy has been underwhelming.


No physical presence... and his goal scoring touch has disappeared with the move back to the big leagues.


Defensively he has been tentative... the 6-3 goal vs the Wild was a perfect example, he should have been hard on his stick and on puck... but he wasn't.


Biega is not going to set the league on fire offensively but he will fight hard in the D-Zone and brings a significant physical presence despite his lack of size.  Also has more speed than Larsen.

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It should be a given this time. He played less than 14 minutes even though Stecher was out for a while after blocking a shot. If Willie doesn't trust him out there then it is time to put Biega back in. If he doesn't then there is something fishy in Denmark.

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Just now, Nuxfanabroad said:

Larsen is doing to this team, what that parasitic alien did to the late, great John Hurt's gut. & it feels about the same.

Nah, Larsen is more like a "Red Shirt" guy in Star Trek - minor character rather than a great thespian like the late John Hurt.

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